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At Ecomitize you will find top class Magento Theme Development from a team with years of experience and success in the eCommerce industry. We are experts in optimizing and creating themes as well as enhancing existing eCommerce platforms. We use Magento 2 technology to increase speed, performance and improve online store efficiency. This translates to reliable, fast, highly customizable, and scalable platforms.

    Brands Based on Our Magento Development Expertise

    Nikys Sports

    You can experience the flexibility and power of Magento software seamlessly integrated in your digital eCommerce solution. Stay one step ahead of the competition with Magento development services at Ecomitize, the ideal solution for small businesses, mid-level and enterprise businesses that want to increase profit and customer satisfaction.

    Take your business to the next level - our developers are highly skilled and experienced in small, medium and large-scale projects, and our customer service is second-to-none. Ecomitize will help you every step of the way and provide you with support to help your business succeed. We love to see our customers thrive - you can trust our experts to deliver a high-quality product that will boost income and growth.


    How to install Magento theme?

    Magento themes allow your store to be more user-friendly, attractive, and professional-looking, overall, to give it an appealing and stunning appearance to visitors. Magento theme installation is easy for tech whizz. So if you are ready to boost your customer retention rate, get it now from Ecomitize. Ecomitize has been partnering with Magento for years now and offers exceptional support structure and theme development suitable to take your online eCommerce store and brand to the next level.

    How to change Magento theme?

    Changing your Magento theme means to apply and configure a theme for your website's frontend. The Magento theme is the face of your store, what customers see when they visit your website, and that first impression matters. Using the appropriate Magento theme will increase user experience and usability, easy site navigation, and increases conversion. Changing the theme is a fair process with lots of steps, but Ecomitize offers great support to ensure you get what you want. Contact us now and get an online storefront that sells.

    How to create custom theme in Magento?

    Magento is the most aggressive and persuasive eCommerce platform on the web. Creating a Magento theme can be a bit intimidating (it is actually). Filled with reliable and flexible SEO marketing tool options, theme design options and CMS features, you must do a lot of research before you get started. There are two common ways to create a custom Magento theme, by coding one yourself or working with the template theme builder on the site. You need to create, compose, register, configure, and apply. With Ecomitize, this process is swift, seamless and you will have a front store that is modern, clean and user-friendly. So get started with Ecomitize today.

    How to convert HTML template into Magento theme?

    Converting HTML template to Magento theme is not easy; it requires some technical skills, and not everyone can pull this off without some solid technical knowledge. The usual process would be to have all your CSS files in a specific file and then copy the HTML template image to the app and then start customizing. Well, if this process seems confusing, you are not alone, but Ecomitize can help you scale through the process. If you are ready to convert your HTML template to a Magento theme, reach out to Ecomitize today.

    What Magento theme is that?

    The Magento themes are the Blank and Luma. They are demon themes, but customizable ones that allow you to create a stunning and functional frontend. It is a user-friendly and professional way to build a successful online store for your business. Need more information on the Magento theme? Contact Ecomitize to get started.

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