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Smart WooCommerce website development starts with a plan and a team that can bring the plan to life. More than fifteen million websites worldwide are powered by WooCommerce, and you can get in on this train with your eCommerce store built without hassles.

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    Ecomitize is equipped with the right WooCommerce website development tools to make your online store a sales-driven platform. This includes incorporating features such as payment gateway, plugins, and customized themes to match your preferences. Your WooCommerce website comes with full control, free payment gateways, and user-friendly navigation features.

    As a WooCommerce development agency, Ecomitize has all the technical know-how and expertise needed to build an online store that will convince potential customers to complete orders. We have spent the last few years helping businesses from all parts of the world harness the power of WooCommerce customization and make their websites a revenue-generating machine. We design pages with elements that connect with visitors with absolutely no downtime.


    What is WooCommerce website?

    WordPress is the most commonly used plug-in to create or build a website. WooCommerce is a functional plug-in attached to WordPress that enables WordPress users to transform their website into a full-blown and functional eCommerce store. There is really not challenging, but a few clicks, and you are ready to go. To ensure a smooth sailing transition from a regular page to a WooCommerce site, Ecomitize will assist and support you as you install, build, or make your WooCommerce website.

    How to create a WooCommerce website?

    To build and install your WooCommerce website, you need a self-hosted WordPress website first. It should be active and ready. To get started, create an account with WooCommerce (it is free), download the plug-in, and search for the one you need, and install. You could also visit Ecomitize, choose WooCommerce development, and get a well-designed and fully functional eCommerce store that sells everything. No stress, no worries, just smooth creation with Ecomitize WooCommerce development, and it is that easy.

    How to set up a WooCommerce website?

    Now that you understand WooCommerce and how to create one, let’s setup. To Install a WooCommerce website, follow the setup wizard instruction and do not miss a step or choose Ecomitize and cut to the chase. With Ecomitize, the setup process is smooth. It also offers you details support, from choosing a domain name, installing WordPress and WooCommerce plug-in, selecting a theme for your store, and done. Now you can start adding products and selling; it is so straightforward with Ecomitize.

    How to integrate WooCommerce with current website?

    WooCommerce, although very versatile and easy needs a little technical wizardry to integrate it on a current WordPress website. The process might be simple, but there is a need for seamless blending as you make it work efficiently on the website. So skip the API, HTML, PHP, and others and just let Ecomitize handle the technicalities. Ecomitize support you to successfully build a fully integrated and functional e-commerce website and start selling.

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