WooCommerce &
Counterpoint Integration

  • WooCommerce and Counterpoint Integration
    Integrate your WooCommerce website with your Counterpoint system.
  • Allows you to sync products, customer and order data and product categories with options to customize the integration to fit your needs.

Magento Integrated

  • Gift Cards
  • Amasty Extended Product Grid
  • Payment Restrictions
  • Constant Contact
  • Mail chimp
  • Ship Works
  • Ship Station

CP Requirements

Counterpoint Version +
Windows Server 2008 + (if using a true server) or Windows 7 Pro + (if using a workstation to host the API)
Ability to configure Port Forwarding for external communication
Static public IP address for external communication
Ability to provide remote access for CPShop installation with Administrative Rights
Counterpoint Partner must request NCR API add-on for CounterPoint Registration File
Requests can be made by the Counterpoint partner at https://retailchannel.radiantsystems.com/api_option_request.htm

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