eCommerce Managed Services

Your Focus on Your Business – We Focus on eCommerce

You can leverage our cost-effective Managed Services solutions so you work and learn with the best.

We offer professionally managed solutions for your eCommerce business ranging from website optimization to marketplaces and email marketing with one goal in mind – growing your sales.

We can adopt the processes you are currently using on your website, review/enhance your workflows or create a new strategy altogether.

The Whole Package

Website Management

Professionally managed and maintained website that keeps eCommerce functions running smoothly.

Product Management

We perfect your product data (text, images, specific attributes) by making sure everything is up to date with today’s best practice standards.

A-Z Email Marketing

Integrate your email marketing campaigns with your in-store events and social media channels. We’ll cover email marketing from transactional emails to regular newsletters and finally to advanced triggers like cart/browse abandonment and replenishment campaigns.

Marketplace Management

Unify all your marketplaces into a central hub to easily manage inventory and orders.
We are proficient in managing accounts on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, Sears, Overstock, Wish, Steals, Newegg, Rakuten,, and more.


Keep comprehensive reports of your eCommerce process. We will build and maintain custom reporting sheets based on your decision making process.

Customer Service Management

Get affordable, highly trained support officers to handle your email, live-chats and/or telephone traffic. Get a customized package based on your needs.

eCommerce Consulting

The complexity of today’s IT infrastructures and the infinite web of marketing services make it a challenging task for businesses to stay afloat and compete without very specialized help.

  • Not sure if all the services you’re paying for are worth it?

o You’d like to know if there other, more suitable and affordable alternatives.

  • Not sure if your marketing partners are doing a good enough job?

o You’d like to have an expert check up on them and make sure they’re doing their best for you.

  • You’re tired of going through sales calls. Tired of ROI, AOV, Traffic, Impressions, YOY, YTD, CTR, OR, CTOR and other metrics. Especially tired because the marketers are more interested in signing you up rather than actually getting you the results?

o You need someone who can see through the smoke.

  • Your online projects take longer and some never come to fruition.

o You need advice for expert Project Managers.

  • At times you’re worried about your website’s security.

o You’d like to know what the best practices are and feel secure.

  • So many dashboards, so many numbers.

o You’d like to be able to review the reports that actually help you to track and improve your business.

  • Reading about eCommerce Best Practices seems trivial as there are so many things that got overlooked.

o You’d like to get back on track, organize and scale.

Wondering if you’re doing all the right things? … You know you’re not? … Oh, but you’d like to? We are here and we will help you get back on track.

Through Ecomitize eCommerce Consulting we’ll hear you out and share our actionable plans and help you to optimize, grow and scale your online business.

Don’t wait. Let’s talk today.

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