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About CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a strategy aimed at converting visitors to your website into customers. The goal is to increase sales from your existing traffic by reducing the bounce rate – the number of visitors who leave the site without purchasing.
We use a variety of techniques to examine your business goals, your website and your marketing strategies to determine improvements that will increase your conversion rate.

CRO Process

  • Research your business needs and marketing strategies
  • Provide recommendations for website modifications
  • Analyze data from the CRO audit to identify problems and determine solutions
  • Conduct a CRO audit via A/B testing, funnel analysis and buyer persona research
  • Gather data that reveals existing issues and draws upon solutions
  • Review your website after improvements are completed

The Whole Package

A/B Testing

Have a new idea for your website? Not sure which design your audience prefers? We use A/B testing to identify which marketing tactics, page layouts and promotional offers lead to the maximum conversion rate and minimum bounce rate.

Funnel Analytics

Funnel analysis identifies steps in the user experience and checkout procedure that may be causing visitors to leave your website. We determine where you can improve your website so shoppers find what they need and check out without hesitation.

Buyer Persona Research

Buyer personas are built from interviews with real buyers and tell you about what customers are thinking when they are using your website. We use buyer personas to identify the products, marketing tactics and website strategies that will bring the best conversion rate.

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