B2B Module Magento 1

B2B Module Magento

B2B Module Magento

Our B2B subsidy module is a powerful solution for your B2B needs. The platform works on Magento and is user-friendly and intuitive. You can create a vendor store with specific prices and products that are available for all or just for specific employee groups or companies. Companies will have their own URL and logo once an employee has logged in. The B2B owner can easily create new company stores and perform basic customizations like logo, store name and shipping address.
Technical backend features include ability to manage employees, set up subsidy and payroll deduction amounts, ability to create on-demand custom reports, automated quick reports, create new users and add users to certain groups.


Edit existing or imported customer information

Set subsidy & payroll deduction limits

Manage shopping cart options

Single purchase view

CP Integration

Ability to create on-demand custom reports

Owner can operate all employees' accounts

Owner can manage shipping & payment methods

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