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Magento Development
Magento Development
We can build you a brand new website from scratch, or help you upgrade your current site. Whether you want a simple, clean, fast website or something very complex and sophisticated, we will develop a website that suits your timeframe and budget. Use our team for the entire build or just the parts your team needs help with.
Web Hosting
Web Hosting
The other guys will try and sell you on the biggest and most expensive or give you low quality and tell you it's the good stuff... That’s not our style. We know that different businesses have different needs, and we will set you up with the right hosting, at the right price for where you’re at today! Contact us to help you make the right choice!
Performance & SEO Audits
Performance & SEO Audits
Our eCommerce SEO full-service packages contain a set of strategies that improve the quality of your store and bring it closer to your customers in the top of the search result pages.
PPC & SEO Management
PPC & SEO Management
You’re ready to grow. Get to the path to smart, sustainable growth with online advertising strategies designed especially for your business. We’ll increase your product visibility and your brand awareness with our amazing digital marketing services.
Custom Integrations
Custom Integrations
Whether you need to integrate with an outside source for inventory management, billing or other customizations - we can help with that.
Managed eCommerce Services
Managed eCommerce Services
We offer professionally managed solutions for your eCommerce business ranging from website optimization to marketplaces and email marketing with one goal in mind - growing your sales. We can adopt the processes you are currently using on your website, review/enhance your workflows or create a new strategy altogether.
Content Writing
Content Writing
We create content that is searchable by appropriately using the keywords your customers are most likely to use to find you. We ensure that each web page has unique content which is not duplicated elsewhere on the site and does not use wording frequently found on other sites such as manufacturers’ product descriptions. Unique content is a vital ranking factor and category and product pages without unique content will not rank high on search engine results pages.

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Our team understands our motto "We are a customer service company that happens to do IT. Not the other way around". Our team actually cares.

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Put our top shelf infrastructure to work for you. Although we put Customer Service first, our team is world class at eCommerce.


We are not the cheapest or the most expensive, but we are the best bang for the buck in the market.

Who We Are

Ecomitize LLC provides a complete eCommerce solution for online merchants. Unlike other eCommerce solutions, Ecomitize wasn’t created by developers but by actual business owners who understand business needs as well as the world of eCommerce.

Founder, Jacob North, spent the last decade developing platforms and integrations for his online businesses. Through trial and error, Jacob and his team spent enormous amounts of time and money getting business platforms to work effectively and able to outperform out-of-the-box options.

Because of these efforts Ecomitize has grown into a company that is capable of taking care of the market research and site design, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, marketing and hosting of your eCommerce website.

Our Team

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Jacob North

Founder and CEO, spent the last decade as an eCommerce entrepreneur. Over the years Jacob teamed up with some of the brightest minds in the industry to develop effective business platforms. The idea of Ecomitize grew out of these experiences.

Tami Gilmore
Jean Pierson
Mike Roth
Julius Labintsev
Alex Postushnoy
Ruslan Pareokha
Marko Stevanovic
Imola Saska
Anca Iusan
Eugene Gubankov
Fabio di Bari
Arpi Pal

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