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Who are we?

Ecomitize, a division of Epic Strategies provides a complete eCommerce solution for online merchants. Unlike other eCommerce solutions, Ecomitize wasn’t created by developers but by actual business owners who understand business needs as well as the world of eCommerce.

Founder, Jacob North, spent the last decade developing platforms and integrations for his online businesses. Through trial and error, Jacob and his team spent enormous amounts of time and money getting business platforms to work effectively and able to outperform out-of-the-box options.

Because of these efforts Ecomitize has grown into a company that is capable of taking care of the market research and site design, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, marketing and hosting of your eCommerce website.

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Why Ecomitize?

Ecomitize provides the most powerful, flexible, complete end-to-end solution available, with an outstanding customer service at the core. We take the headache out of building sophisticated high-end eCommerce websites!

Development Experience

Whether you want a simple, clean, fast website or something very complex and sophisticated, we will develop a website that suits your timeframe and budget. Use our team for the entire build or just the parts your team needs help with.

Dedicated Project

Dedicated project managers for your project, weekly meetings to check the progress of your website, weekly reports and a user-friendly project management platform.

Ample Technical

Transperancy in communication through various communication channels like phone, Skype, email, chat, support portal.

Quick Turnaround

Our team is certified and ready to roll. We can handle simple changes all the way up to complex custom integrations.

Blazing Fast
Website Hosting

VPS, Dedicated & Semi-dedicated server solutions, 99.9% up-time and dedicated support team.

Custom eCommerce

A custom website allows for a fully unique design, with scalability and capabilities for specific integrations. A fully custom website allows complete freedom to manipulate all aspects of the site.

What our Clients Say

Ecomitize Managed Services is unbelievable! Our company was in ecommerce darkness for over six years consistently paying developers for lots of promises and no results. Finally, by God allowed us to find Ecomitize. They are ethical, fast, and really know ecommerce backwards and forwards. You cannot go wrong with Stefan and his team.

Mark & Emilia Neudorff Founders, Youth Sports Publishing, Inc.

They are making this website project easy. If you want to stay small do your own website, if you want to grow big hire the professionals like Ecomitize...

Alternative Heating and Supplies

The Ecomitize team understands what honorable business relationships truly mean.

Joseph Marciano C&G Ford Parts Inc.

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