Our Magento experience


Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform entirely customizable and with the potential to make your business a success. As a Magento enterprise partner, we are ready to take on your projects and transform them into whatever you desire.

Our team has both know-how and experience in eCommerce to offer you an all-inclusive plan of action. Our services comprise UI/UX design, eCommerce management solutions, performance and SEO audit, content writing, conversion rate optimization, PPC and SEO management, digital marketing, and integration with eCommerce platforms such as Magento.

As a Magento certified partner, we take things seriously when developing your website using this platform. We know just how versatile Magento is and where we need to bring updates so that you get what you dream of in the end.


To see just how Magento applies to your particular business, you need to take a look at our clients. Our range of clients is so big that we can take on whatever project you’ll give us with the same respect for your ideas and knowledge from our experience. We have worked on the Magento platform for many businesses, such as:

Home goods and home kitchen goods - these businesses where design matters because clients enter the website and shop with their eyes. We understood this particularity and as a Magento agency partner, we made sure to apply their amazing built themes in the most attractive way possible.

Stadium goods and fans goods – sports and their fans need speed in whatever they do. We used the loading speed Magento as an attribute for their platforms to develop some amazing eCommerce platforms for such clients.

Health and wellness, medical supplies, and nutrition – require precision and SEO-ready websites to be the best in their field. As a Magento partner directory, Ecomitize implemented these features and more and made them stand out.

Resorts and fishing goods – these businesses need third-party integration to get things going. Transitioning from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.0 for some of those made it possible for them to grow and thrive.

Problems resolved

Not only we are a Magento development partner we are a Magento Gold partner for our dedication to resolving whatever problem may arise with your eCommerce store. We can audit your website, whether it’s already made on the Magento platform or not. We make the transition if needed and identify the glitches along with the solutions.

At Ecomitize we leave no stone unturned. Our vision is both from the user’s point of view in regards to design and experience and the functionality along with the code review. In the end you get a fully detailed report of what is not right and how to solve the problems.

Our badges


Our Magento specialists


Volodymyr Konstanchuk

Full Stack Developer 6+ years experience

Alexey Kulish

Senior Frontend Developer 8+ years experience

Alexander Zhorniak

Senior Backend Developer 8+ years experience

Yuri Angeliuk

Senior Backend Developer 9+ years experience

Sergey Poprigin

Senior Backend Developer 8+ years experience

Sergey Bubyr

Senior Frontend Developer 6+ years experience