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eCommerce Management & Solutions

You can leverage our cost-effective Managed Services solutions so you work and learn with the best.

We offer professionally managed solutions for your eCommerce business ranging from website optimization to marketplaces and email marketing with one goal in mind – growing your sales.

We can adopt the processes you are currently using on your website, review/enhance your workflows or create a new strategy altogether.

The Whole Package

Website Management

Managing your website shouldn’t be a hassle. Between managing inventory, picking and packing orders, and responding to customer inquiries, the entire process can quickly become overwhelming.

Marketplace Management

Unify all your marketplaces into a central hub to easily manage inventory and orders. We are proficient in managing accounts on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, Sears, Overstock, Wish, Steals, Newegg, Rakuten,, and more.

Catalog Management

We perfect your product data (text, images, specific attributes) by making sure everything is up to date with today’s best practice standards.

eCommerce Consulting

Your digital strategy isn’t one-size-fits-all. Just the opposite. No matter your audience or industry, we are equipped to be your guide and helping hand through the complex world of digital commerce.

A-Z Email Marketing

Integrate your email marketing campaigns with your in-store events and social media channels. We’ll cover email marketing from transactional emails to regular newsletters and finally to advanced triggers like cart/browse abandonment and replenishment campaigns.

Customer Service

Get affordable, highly trained support officers to handle your email, live-chats and/or telephone traffic. Get a customized package based on your needs.

We Know eCommerce

Our Managed Services Department is very familiar and working on a daily basis with a myriad of services – we’ve not seen them all, but we sure are close! This gives you an extra advantage! You don’t need to train people, odds are we’re already proficient in your specific setup.

Working on a daily basis with Magento 1&2, WooCommerce, CounterPoint, Klaviyo, MailChimp, DotMailer, Google Products, and ChannelAdvisor.

Other products we’re working with are: ShopGate, Helix, M2EPro, GoDataFeed, SpringBot, Constant Contact, NCR Customer Connect, MailGun, MageMail, Mandrill, iContact, ShipStation, ShipperHQ, ShipWorks, Zonos,, SagePay, NCR Secure Pay, Braintree, PayPal, Sygnifyd, Eventable, JustUno, Shopper Approved, Pointy, Blackbaud, Klevu, Asana, Teamwork, ZenDesk and so many more!

eCommerce Consulting

The complexity of today’s IT infrastructures and the infinite web of marketing services make it a challenging task for businesses to stay afloat and compete without very specialized help.

Not sure if all the services you’re paying for are worth it?

  • You’d like to know if there other, more suitable and affordable alternatives.

Not sure if your marketing partners are doing a good enough job?

  • You’d like to have an expert check up on them and make sure they’re doing their best for you.

You’re tired of going through sales calls. Tired of ROI, AOV, Traffic, Impressions, YOY, YTD, CTR, OR, CTOR and other metrics. Especially tired because the marketers are more interested in signing you up rather than actually getting you the results?

  • You need someone who can see through the smoke.

Your online projects take longer and some never come to fruition.

  • You need advice for expert Project Managers.

At times you’re worried about your website’s security.

  • You’d like to know what the best practices are and feel secure.

So many dashboards, so many numbers.

  • You’d like to be able to review the reports that actually help you to track and improve your business.

Reading about eCommerce Best Practices seems trivial as there are so many things that got overlooked.

  • You’d like to get back on track, organize and scale.

Wondering if you’re doing all the right things? … You know you’re not? … Oh, but you’d like to? We are here and we will help you get back on track.

Through Ecomitize eCommerce Consulting we’ll hear you out and share our actionable plans and help you to optimize, grow and scale your online business.


Jeff Luff, Owner / Director

Managed services with Ecomitize have been nothing but extraordinary. I would have been lost with all the different apps, updates and small issues that arise in all the different market places. They have helped me figure out issues and expand on new marketplaces as well as marketing efforts. For what you get for a service at the cost you pay for it, it is what I call a “No Brainer”.

Mark & Emilia Neudorff, Founders Youth Sports Publishing, Inc.

Ecomitize Managed Services is unbelievable! Our company was in eCommerce darkness for over six years consistently paying developers for lots of promises and no results. Finally, by God allowed us to find Ecomitize. They are ethical, fast, and really know eCommerce backwards and forwards. You cannot go wrong with Stefan and his team.

Roger, VP Omnichannel Cos Bar

Stefan and his team at Ecomitize Managed Services have been great partners in managing through multiple tasks for our online business. The team continues to provide seamless, efficient and early delivery of projects. These tasks include setting up and pushing of email campaigns, product set ups and website updates. Stefan and the team have been insightful with recommendations to some challenging tasks. Overall a great team of true business partners.

Julie & Rob, Manager & Director

Stefan’s team was very helpful in the challenging task of finding images and descriptions for thousands of SKU’s we had on our web site. They’re recommendation for us to change our provider and campaigns strategy to Ecomitize PPC resulted in us doubling our online revenue. The difference was obvious and immediate the day the new campaign began. Also, Stefan was very helpful with Magento training as we were not well versed in the platform in prior.

Tim Doran, Owner / Director

Stefan – a quick note to say how nice it has been to work with you and the Ecomitize Managed Services Team. Helen and I both have been impressed with your suggestions for web site improvements but more so with your kind approach as we continue to work together. Being far from experts on all of this, it is refreshing to work with someone who seems to really care about the client while at the same time providing the ROI needed to justify the work and related expenses – nice job!

Michael Schwartz, Director

Working with Stefan and Ecomitize was better than we could have expected. He is a great teammate that helps us by looking out for the best strategies to accomplish the goals we have set forth. He and Ecomitize are like a member of our staff in that they understand what we are trying to do, and help to facilitate that in an arena we are not familiar with. Anyone who works with him and Ecomitize will see how much knowledge they truly have.

Lissa Duff, Marketing & Membership Director Great Smoky Mountains Association

Before we signed on with Team Stefan at Ecomitize, our website was limping along, costing us money instead of making us money. In an extremely short timeframe, Stefan and his team recommended and implemented a vast number of improvements, all of which have elevated our digital presence in the non-profit marketplace. Stefan’s work is impeccable; his communication is prompt, professional and polite; and his knowledge is far and away superior to any website team we’ve ever worked with. We are thrilled to have found Ecomitize’s Managed Services and to be working so closely and confidently with Stefan.

Troy Moore, Owner / Director

Stefan was thorough, extremely well prepared and ultimately very helpful with our project.

Christina Colluci, Operations Manager

I’ve enjoyed working with Ecomitize and fully credit them with helping to regain database integrity and create procedures to maintain the accuracy of our product data in Magento and on the website. Nandor facilitates all of the database imports and troubleshoots any issues related to Magento or the site, and he’s always receptive when I give him work (even the “last-minute, need this done ASAP” tasks). Paul maintains the customer email list and sets up the promotional emails – I’ve found his work to be quick and accurate. Stefan ties it all together and has been a good partner in cleaning up the database, streamlining processes and teaching me some of the ins and outs of working in Magento. The only challenge I’ve experienced with them is getting things done on Romanian time – sometimes they’ll check in after hours but it’s never a definite and never on weekends (planning ahead more on our end would certainly minimize these challenges). All in all, I’ve found them to be professional, knowledgeable, respectful and a great resource for the ScrapLife team.

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