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    Ecomitize has the skills and experience to scratch build you a successful online store that drives conversions. BigCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms for large online retailers that are looking to further expand their reach. Our eCommerce experts are ready to build a simple or complex online store for your needs.

    The BigCommerce Advantage

    Ecomitize has the skills and experience to scratch build you a successful online store that drives conversions, offering BigCommerce development services in the USA. Our eCommerce experts are ready to build a simple or complex online store for your needs.

    • BigCommerce Partner
    • BigCommerce Development Company in the USA
    • Working with 100% transparency
    • The promise of on-time delivery at affordable costs
    • 24/7 Customer support
    • Agile working methodology
    • Efficient integration support for ERPs, PIMs, OMSs, and CRMs
    • Incredible track record of customer satisfaction

    Our BigCommerce Development Services Include

    BigCommerce Theme Development

    BigCommerce is no small name in the eCommerce world as it has an average uptime of almost a hundred percent, stability, and other impressive adaptability attributes. This is highly customizable with its extensive code libraries and easy layouts for creating attractive storefronts.

    Ecomitize handles BigCommerce theme development featuring a dedicated team of coders who will put in their high-level expertise into creating responsive themes for your website. This will definitely enhance conversions and get your visitors hooked to your website from the first click. We believe in tailoring every project to fit your unique needs, and the result is feature-rich and agile BigCommerce storefronts for you.


    BigCommerce App Development

    Our custom app development services help you extend the functionality of your versatile eCommerce store with tons of features like shipping returns and shopping carts to a mobile app environment that would definitely extend the reach of your store. Ecomitize prioritizes your unique needs and will develop a fitting BigCommerce app using your specific requirements and the combination of our expertise.

    Enjoy impressive business and revenue growth opportunities with an app that gives you the freedom to include custom inventory, API integrations, custom themes, and payment gateway for maximum brand awareness and customer engagement.

    We have a team of BigCommerce app developers whose mission is to improve your store's performance through integration features and multi-functionality where necessary. With this, you can enhance your service base and improve customer experience across different parts of the world. Keep your business above the competition in the market with the right BigCommerce tools.


    BigCommerce Design

    This can only be possible when your BigCommerce design is handled by a company like Ecomitize with a team of BigCommerce experts. BigCommerce stands out from other eCommerce platforms due to its dedication to maximizing conversions and attention to detail. You know you have implemented the perfect BigCommerce design when your customers can easily view important information, find and add items easily to cart, and easily navigate the website.

    Ecomitize is all about implementing the best BigCommerce design to give you a better chance of conversions. This is why our developer team pays attention to all the principles governing a great BigCommerce design. We organize your products into the right categories rather than random arrangements. Generally, your website is easier to navigate without excess links. This is all thanks to the foundation laid by one of the best eCommerce platforms in existence.



    What is BigCommerce?

    BigCommerce is a software as a service (SaaS) product that only requires a monthly fee for use. This hosted e-commerce solution lets business owners have their personal online store for selling products that can be managed from anywhere.

    Where can I find good BigCommerce developers?

    Many BigCommerce developers are available today, which makes it difficult to decern the good from the bad. Ecomitize is a BigCommerce development company that scores high in this regard and saves you the hassle of searching for good BigCommerce development services.

    How does BigCommerce scale?

    BigCommerce helps both small and big businesses scale by providing one of the best online hosting solutions. It is optimized to set up your online store in record time and position your products to millions of customers on the web.

    How much does BigCommerce development cost?

    BigCommerce comes in four different plans. The standard option costs about $30 monthly, the Plus plan is about $80 per month, and the Pro plan costs $300 per month. One more plan available in BigCommerce development is Enterprise and these are based on your online sales.

    What programming language does BigCommerce use?

    BigCommerce functions on the skills of Back-End Developers who use programming languages like Ruby, PHP, Java, and Python. These programmers also work on the website’s SEO and speed through the application of these languages.

    What is BigCommerce eCommerce development?

    BigCommerce ecommerce development involves the entire process of setting up your online store. This includes the store setup, customization, and integration with SEO tools. BigCommerce ecommerce development gets your store ready for use.

    How to increase BigCommerce theme loading speed?

    To drive online traffic and increase website ranking, you need speed. In today's online world, slow loading stores are soon abandoned. So many factors affect the loading speed of your website, including image size, wrong image file name, and device compatibility. Is slow speed affecting your online store? Ecomitize can help. Our BigCommerce development service includes building a customized themed solution to increase loading speed and boost online sales and visibility.

    How to modify mobile theme on BigCommerce?

    Modifying your mobile theme on BigCommerce allows you to customize, change, and create themes that suit your store’s purpose. It also gives you the SEO functionality and ranking on the search engines. As exciting as this process is, modifying your mobile theme is not the easiest task to handle head-on. However, with Ecomitize, you should have a mobile-friendly site up and running in no time. Our experts will find, add, apply, and save the theme to your storefront. So sit back and let the experts deliver an mobile-friendly theme for you.

    How to build a custom BigCommerce theme?

    Building a custom theme on BigCommerce triggers your understanding of using the Blueprint or Stencil option to create themes that work for you. The first impression is crucial for customer retention. A frontpage design must be appealing and correlate with the message or purpose of the site. Allow Ecomitize to customize your BigCommerce theme for your website. We have the experience and expertise to give you a beautiful and modern website .

    How to edit theme in BigCommerce?

    Editing your current BigCommerce theme allows you to create elements that suit your business and the message you are sending. Luckily, BigCommerce provides an extensive collection of themes you can use. However, creating or editing a theme to produce a stunning storefront is not easy. With Ecomitize, editing or customizing your theme is effortlessly done to give your website a great look and functionality. If you want to succeed online, let Ecomitize add color and spark to your eCommerce site today.

    How to install app in BigCommerce?

    Unlike other eCommerce platforms, approved and certified apps are listed on the BigCommerce marketplace for all users on their network. All you need to do is to browse through, make your choice, and install it in your store. To install, click on the chosen app and follow the prompt to add the app. However, if you do not understand the technicalities, have the professional team at Ecomitize help you out. When you are ready, call and install away easily.

    How to get BigCommerce app?

    By connecting with Ecomitize website developers for a seamless and smooth procedure and you do not have to worry about anything. However, if you think you have the technical know-how, and then follow the process. It involves creating a trial store on the platform, go to the ‘my apps’ option, and click the create button. Next, follow the prompt messages and click the create button to get the app. If you cannot deal with the language, contact Ecomitize today and get the BigCommerce app right now.

    How to build an app for BigCommerce?

    Bigcommerce is an eCommerce platform that users and entrepreneurs with an eye for an online business can create an online shop. However, to get started on BigCommerce, merchants must first build, design, innovate before growing their business. The first step is building an app for BigCommerce is choosing which app you need. Currently, the platform has two types of apps the connector and single click. To know more about these, contact Ecomitize for more information or have their professional team build your BigCommerce app for you.

    How to design the homepage of BigCommerce?

    Design the home page on BigCommerce has two effects – increases the value and reputation of your brand and draws customers into your business. A beautifully designed homepage enhances the customer's shopping experience and keeps them engaged. The Bigcommerce platform has been so kind as to provide countless templates and themes to help merchants choose which is suitable for their store. Well, if you are new to BigCommerce and are looking to make an impression with your homepage, work with Ecomitize website developers today.

    What do I need to know to design a BigCommerce store?

    Whether BigCommerce or not, every merchant should know that certain factors play a crucial role in the success of an online store. So some tips are design, color, theme, message, text, usability, and ease of use with others. When these are in place, your store will attract, convert, sells, and have loyalist. However, one factor trumps this all, the right team to make it happen. So if you are ready, use Ecomitize to get started for success.

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