Tired of managing your eCommerce business & eCommerce integration manually? Our experts can sync your online inventory with your brick and mortar store, providing a POS eCommerce integration, eCommerce API integration plus much more.


    With years of experience in eCommerce integration development, our team developed Helix, a complete eCommerce system that gives you the ability to sync all your companies data online in one system. This eCommerce integration software offers many useful features such as POS integration with eCommerce and other eCommerce integrations your store needs.

    Helix is an integration platform that checks your integration integrity, logs when SKUs don’t match up or are broken and promptly alerts you, is multi-directional, and gives flexibility when determining what is the authoritative data source for your inventory.

    A Complete Solution for your eCommerce Business

    Helix not only takes away the stress of managing multiple storefronts, but also improves your customer experience.


    Plan all your resources and manage your data with Helix.


    Build better customers relations with the CRM module.

    Point of sale

    eCommerce integration with POS.


    Manage all your inventory and orders data.

    Task Tracker

    Convert all your emails into tasks for your team.