About Us

eCommerce experts with a proven track record, creating successful eCommerce stores since 2013.

Our Story

Ecomitize LLC provides a complete eCommerce solution for online merchants. Unlike other eCommerce solutions, Ecomitize wasn’t created by developers but by actual business owners who understand business needs as well as the world of eCommerce.

Founder, Jacob North, spent the last decade developing platforms and integrations for his online businesses. Through trial and error, Jacob and his team spent enormous amounts of time and money getting business platforms to work effectively and able to outperform out-of-the-box options.

Because of these efforts Ecomitize has grown into a company that is capable of taking care of the market research and site design, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, marketing and hosting of your eCommerce website.


Ecomitize was born out of the idea that eCommerce merchants are tired of the current fragmented model in our industry that encourages delays, overpricing and finger-pointing between developers, designers, and systems admin people. Ecomitize provides the most powerful, flexible, complete end-to-end solution available.

Our Mission

To create a world class, complete eCommerce solution for online merchants at an exceptional value, with outstanding customer service at the core.

Our Values

Do the right thing

Doing things right is not enough for us. Being right and fair is a reflection of our personal beliefs and what people can expect from us, personally and professionally.

Simplify things

Do more with less effort, especially in such high-complexity domain, is the inspiration in all our solutions. Effortless, easy to understand and straightforward, Ecomitize is eCommerce made easy.

Do more than expected

Our biggest satisfaction is to “wow” our clients. The road to excellence is an extra mile away, and we like to walk it boldly.

Be of service

Our team is world class at eCommerce, but we put Customer Service first. Share with us your biggest challenge, our reply will always be “when do we start”?

Build relationships on trust

The success of our clients is the reflection of our success: we are our clients’ biggest fans! No business is made in one day, that’s why we are here for the long haul, with you.

Resolve to be the best

We never accept “good enough” and we don’t like making excuses. This is our approach, with the purpose of setting high standards of quality, satisfaction, service and responsibility.

Our Team

Our team of eCommerce experts is focused on providing the most value possible to our clients.

Jacob North


Tami Gilmore

Customer Relations Manager

Jean Pierson

Helix Project Manager

Julius Labintsev

Head of Operations - Kiev

Alex Postushnoy

Technical Project Manager

Marko Stevanovic

Technical Project Manager

Imola Saska

Project Manager

Anca Iusan

Department Manager of Projects

Arpi Pal

Business Development Manager

We take the headache out of building sophisticated high-end eCommerce websites!

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