eCommerce Website Support

In the world of rapidly evolving eCommerce channels, website support and eCommerce support are crucial in developing and maintaining good business practices. That is why Ecomitize is committed to offering the best website support services an eCommerce company can offer.

We understand that issues can arise at any time and problems will need solving immediately and efficiently, that’s what the Ecomitize support portal is all about.

A support portal dedicated to helping you deal with bugs, all the new requirements, updates, and changes is the best solution for your business.

    Top eCommerce Website Support Services


    Support Portal

    Our support portal is designed to offer whatever online support for your website you would need. Whether you need an eCommerce support specialist to answer your query or something that needs to be updated, our portal is an efficient way of communication. How does it work? Well, you just need to open a ticket and a tech support website specialist will answer.

    How do you know you need to open a support ticket? Perhaps your website has some functionality problems, or there’s something wrong with the actual design and you need to update it. We strive to make things easier for you.


    Website Enhancements

    Every website needs extra features sometimes. With a complete audit (usability and code review), we will offer support in both the technical and design domain. If you need a landing page for a special marketing campaign or a time-limited promotion, or you need to change some of the existing pages to match your current goals, we can make it happen.

    Whatever improvement you need to make your user experience the best, we can offer extended support.


    eCommerce Recommendations & Improvements

    Besides working with the data our clients provide, we are also a proactive company. That is why we’ll come up with all kinds of recommendations and improvements based on your goals and needs.

    For that to work our team of eCommerce support services is prepared to offer out-of-the-box ideas about your product.

    Whether it’s about desktop user experience or mobile user experience, design features, and functionality improvements, we are ready and goal-oriented.


    Upgrades & Integrations Services

    If your website is created with the help of Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce platforms, you’ll need help with certain upgrades and integrations.

    We can provide support with Magento upgrades and security patches. We can offer Shopify support when choosing and implementing the theme. We can be there to facilitate Woocommerce or BigCommerce tech support and make sure every aspect is thoroughly checked.

    Our team of specialists can also help with integration for platforms such as Counterpoint, ChannerAdvisor, or Quickbooks.

    Magento Support

    Every platform on which you build your website needs support from the development team. Magento is no exception. We have a great team of Magento developers who can assist with Magento support and enhancements.

    From integration with 3rd party programs to data transfer and a full audit of the entire operating system, we can do it all.We, now, have over 200 projects developed with Magento, therefore we are aware of how this platform operates and we can offer excellent Magento support services.

    Shopify support

    Without a doubt, Shopify is one of the easiest platforms to work with. That doesn’t mean it’s issues-free. For whatever problems can emerge, we have a great team of prepared developers ready to give Shopify tech support or otherwise.

    We have made over 100 projects on this platform, integrations, and adjustments that needed Shopify technical support and know-how.

    As changes are bound to emerge, we support Shopify users towards a smooth operating of the platform.

    Woo Commerce Support

    Our 6 years of experience with this platform has given us enough insight to offer you WooCommerce support in whatever field you need. Integration, tech, or marketing support are all part of our expertise.

    We can also offer several recommendations to WooCommerce concerns and business issues.

    Our competent team of developers will offer both support and proactive advice on how to handle the WooCommerce platform to better suit your business objectives.

    BigCommerce Support Our expert development team is ready to assist you with whatever BigCommerce support you might need.

    Need a helping hand with the integration of programs, or with choosing a theme and adjusting it to your creative and practical needs? We are ready to help you solve every bit of problem with this eCommerce puzzle.

    As a BigCommerce partner, we know how important it is to maintain the best eCommerce practices. Our dedication to making your project stand out means you can rely on our support to do the best for you.

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