WooCommerce – CounterPoint Integration


WooCommerce to CounterPoint Integration


WooCommerce and Counterpoint Integration Integrate your WooCommerce website with your CounterPoint system. Allows you to sync products, customer and order data and product categories with options to customize the integration to fit your needs. Available enhancements include gift cards, kits, integrated credit cards and accounts receivable integrations.

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Graphic Design

25 hours of working with a custom designer to create your own look and feel.

Market Research

UX development, Competitor analysts and keyword research – Don’t guess, know what your clients are looking for!

Content Writing

Professional content writers take research data and create custom content for 20 landing pages.

Migration Redirects

Keep your old Site traffic and redirect your old landing pages to your new pages (up to 10 hours of 1:1 redirects).

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