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Grow your eCommerce business through paid and organic channels with eCommerce digital marketing services from the eCommerce experts.

Digital Marketing

The eCommerce landscape is constantly changing and it helps to have someone in your corner to make sure your website is visible and your marketing efforts cut through the noise. We offer a multitude of digital marketing services for eCommerce websites that includes market and keyword research, SEO optimization, pay-per-click audits and strategy, social media management and advertising, email marketing management and paid advertising through the major search engines and marketplaces, content marketing and public relations campaigns.
We understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution for any eCommerce business from selling baby clothes to household items. When you get started with our digital marketing team, we will sit down with you on a call to learn more about your business and goals. From there, we will send a proposal with an advertising strategy that is tailored to the unique needs of your audience and aligned to your brand objectives. Last year, our digital marketing campaigns made our clients over $7 million in revenue, so what are you waiting for?

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Why Choose the eCommerce Experts at Ecomitize?

  • We generated over $7 million in revenue for our clients last year alone
  • Digital marketing can increase traffic to your site resulting in more sales
  • We do comprehensive research on your target market, competitors and products
  • An experienced team at your fingertips to help you along the way
  • We can recommend the best of the best if there is a service you need that we can’t provide

What to Expect From Digital Marketing at Ecomitize

Our experienced team of eCommerce marketers and professionals will kick off your project by learning all we can about your business, industry, goals, product catalog and target market. This will ensure that we understand how to implement a solid strategy that will optimize your digital marketing efforts to your potential customers and make sure your online store is at the forefront of the proper channels.

We will collect the necessary data to formulate a digital marketing strategy that has the potential to grow your online presence and brand recognition. This all leads to increased traffic on your website from the proper market you are targeting. We will also do a competitive analysis of your industry to make sure we are beating your competitors in search engines and pay-per-click. This all culminates in an improved user experience and increased customer retention and loyalty to your brand.

Before we get started, we will present you with a proposal with our recommendations for your digital marketing efforts. The best part? You can choose what we implement, which gives you full freedom depending on your timeline and budget for digital marketing.

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