8 Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores Examples

Posted On August 25, 2021 by bubyr

Staying at home has suddenly brought out the creativity in all of us. We now realize the power of online marketing and the ability to make a sustainable income from it.  Today millions of people are getting into Shopify dropshipping, and while this is not a bad venture, it pays to understand what it entails to be dropshipping on Shopify.

After all, Shopify has made it super easy for online sellers to build their store from scratch with countless drag-n-drop templates designs, helping you match your competition and beating them. But to win on Shopify dropshipping, you must know how to dropship with Shopify. This will give you the winning edge and make you some money.

Now, Shopify is as much a visual experience as it is a market. The best way to get ahead is by ransacking successful Shopify dropshipping stores and see what they are doing differently. So this article will explain some crucial heading about Shopify dropshipping and list out 7 successful dropshipping stores that have changed the ecosystem.

If you are as excited as we are, then let’s get educated.

What is Shopify dropshipping?

You cannot discuss the above heading without understanding Shopify. Furthermore, why it is the most preferred eCommerce platform for dropshipping?

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce selling platforms helping young and zealous entrepreneurs build a successful online presence from scratch. It provides all the amenities and support structure for even those with less technical know-how.

Moreover, its tutorials, design templates, and simple drag-n-drop features have distinguished this online platform from the rest.

Overall, Shopify is a perfect place for anyone looking to launch an online business with little skills. However, let’s be honest here. Shopify dropshipping stores examples you will see in this article reached this point with dedication, hard work, and determination to win.

Now that we have explained Shopify, what is then Shopify dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment marketing strategy where the seller stocks up the supplier’s item in his store but uses the supplier as the delivering and shipping agent for a fee.

In a dropshipping service, you do not need to stock the products but just add images and descriptions to your website. The customer orders, you give details to the drop shipper, he delivers and gets paid for the job.

Dropshipping of Shopify allows Shopify store owners to employ the same third-party marketing strategy from their storefront. It is best because you do not need a huge capital base or to buy the products you advertised.

It is a win-win situation if you ask us.

We will discuss the benefits of Shopify dropshipping and how to dropship on Shopify. For now, let us look at the top dropshipping Shopify stores.


If you love starting from scratch, then you should take inspiration from the biggest UK-based fitness apparel brand hitting all the notes over the internet. Gymshark was born on Shopify in 2013 and started by 19 years old Ben Francis and his friends 8 years ago. The dropping business that began with $0 (zero dollars) is worth $1.4 billion now. The company has employed simple design strategies and blogs to keep its over 8 million followers in 131 countries across the globe gearing to start and stay fit in the best clothes.

So what Shopify strategy did it use?

  • By creating engaging and informative blogs, followers, especially fitness buffs, connected easily. Additionally, it has a fitness hub that allows fitness personnel to engage visitors and add them to their community.
  • The lesson about Gymshark is to use engaging outlets like blogging to excite your customers and educate them in the process. As the company expanded into the US, it has more than doubled its sales and engagement.

On the inside, Ben’s excellent leadership and eye to solve a problem were all he needed to create a powerhouse like Gymshark.


Adding value to people’s lives is always a good marketing strategy, and if hair and beauty are a love of yours, then you will love this inspirational Shopify dropshipping store that is racking in the millions annually.

Luxy hair is one of the top Shopify dropshipping stores owned by couple Alex and Mimi Ikonn and started when his wife could not find the right extension she wanted. What was a problem suddenly became a business, and now everyone has one Luxy hair product in their cupboard. They had a big dream and took out a loan to fuel it, and it paid off big time. They leverage social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram to showcase their products via short and educative hair videos. Today, they have 3.15 million viewers on YouTube showing hair tutorial videos for audiences to see their products and over 600K followers on Instagram.

What strategy did they use?

  • They give people value for their products via short descriptive videos online.
  • They created a connection with their community by dropping hair insights and tips.
  • They used themselves as marketing and salespeople.
  • They are solving a problem affordably and successfully.
  • Do you think you have what it takes? Follow this inspiration and dropship with Shopify.


If you love unique items, then you will love this elegant store. And if you have an eye for unique household items that people will love, you should take inspiration from this website.

When you visit their page, you are immediately struck by how clean, organized, and easy it is, especially for the eyes. They did an absolutely amazing job on the design. They have also managed to select products you definitely do not see anywhere else and added short descriptive videos too. Overall, their marketing strategy is dope, and their design team is incredible.

The product page is categorized into different sections to allow visitors to find what they need or want. However, we love how they have leveraged the power of Facebook to sell and increase their viewing and following.


One would wonder what a hugely successful brand is doing dropshipping on Shopify. Well, if Shopify is the only platform that will enable you to reach a particular demographic, then so be it.

With the brand mostly linked with adults, Nestle employed the #adulting hashtag and the stable eCommerce structure of Shopify to optimize and launch its new Nescafe sweet & Creamy campaign to millennials.

The idea was that coffee can help with adulating hiccups, and Shopify enabled them to cover all the basics in just eight weeks.

Did they succeed?

Yes, they did, and Shopify was the platform convenient for the brand to sell and prove the effect of coffee to this group of people. The post was humorous, and all credit goes to the easy-to-use platform.

What to take away from this?

  • You should continue to push your brand regardless of what or where you have attained in the business.

Nestle, although making almost $89 billion annually, still partnered with Shopify when it was needed.


Babiators was started at a military base in Beaufort by two friends. Now a couple saw how military men and women wore stylish glasses to curb the sun while the kids squint in the sun.

Today the company focuses on kids’ apparel & accessories and is making an annual revenue of 5 million US Dollars.  Babiators is known for their kids’ sunglasses, swimming goggles, screensaver glasses, and polarized collections.

 The website combines simple design, photography, quality, and background to boost the shopping experience. If you are looking for inspiration for a winning Shopify store, look at Babiators and design yours.

What did you learn from their site?

  • They use image, design, and visuals to boost user experience
  • Their layout blends into the performance, creating a visual connection to the viewer
  • They show great pictures of celebs and their kids who use their glasses and other products.
  • Creating a unique Shopify store sometimes requires just a little because less is more.


The Pet Boutique is a pet niche store at its finest. This is what you get when you combine simple photographs, elegant layouts, and amazing products for cats and dog lovers. Unlike some stores that cater to a certain niche, we love the simple way the products cater to cats and dogs. It just warms our hearts.

Although their product page is not in the hundreds, it is simply described with bright and bold pictures to follow.

If you like funny animal pictures, then this store certainly captures those special moments best lovers adore. 

Some points we take away from this page are:

  • The simple way they titled the products – it is straight to the point and does not leave you scratching your head wondering what it is.
  • The description page is wow too. It takes the products, describes their use, lists out the features, adds a couple of testimonials, guarantees, and shows what is available. It looks minimal but easy on the eyes and definitely not boring.
  • This attracts buyers who can clearly see what each product does without overcrowding their senses.


This Asian niche Shopify store is the most elegant dropshipping Shopify store we have seen, and it is doing an amazing job of attracting visitors to its site. It is a stationery website that has an elegant but bright layout and points blank descriptions.

It uses exciting color palettes to attract the younger people and offers unique and trendy products. Since they started on Shopify, they have built an engaging selling point with their audience, making them a huge success story.

What is their dropshipping success?

  • They have unique and appealing products.
  • Simple design and easy to understand and navigate – the fonts are fun, and we cannot overlook them (we are in love with them).
  • List out some of the best Japanese brands using SEO to market their products.
  • The product descriptions are short but well*explained to the buyers.
  • It leverages social media to keep and improve its following. With over 1.4 million on Instagram, they make short tutorial videos that teach people about the products. These show their viewers how to use their products to create simple yet elegant designs.

Finally, they offer free shipping regardless of what is purchased from their store.


This list will not be complete without this successful Shopify dropshipping store. Kylie Jenner has made a name for herself in the makeup and beauty industry. It happened because of the Shopify platform. If you are a young, energetic, and vibrant entrepreneur, this is one following that will inspire you to push your Shopify store to the zenith.

Kylie relies on Shopify for some of the best online flash sales seen online, and people rush in to buy FOMO and then wait for the next batch. Her Shopify store is so successful that new products sell out in minutes.

As a young billionaire, she knows where her strength lies – taking incredible photos showcasing her brand and product while her mom manages the consultancy of the business. Many think her family’s affluence and influence played a role, but you have to also know that she did some this right to attend the success rate we all see today.

Some take away from this store are:

  • Focus on what you can and leave the rest to the professionals.
  • Do what you do passionately, and people will see and engage with you.

What makes these Shopify dropshipping stores example of unique inspiration?

There are numerous successful dropshipping stores online that are doing well, but we have chosen this mix because they have some features most others do not.

  • They presented a unique selling point to distinguish their brand or products from the rest.
  • The store design is simple, clean, open, and easy to navigate, making customers relate easily to the brand.
  • They use simple SEO tricks in their product titles and descriptions or Meta description.
  • They offered free samples or free shipping to their potential customer
  • They leveraged social media to push their selling point to a wider demographic

If your Shopify store can adopt these 5 strategies, it should build the same success story the above garnered.

How to Dropship on Shopify?

Starting a dropshipping business on Shopify is easy. Follow the steps listed below and walk yourself to success.

Register an account on the Shopify platform – the process is free, and all your need is an email address to confirm the account and enjoy a 14-day trial to help you make up your mind. 

When the account is confirmed, add other details requested by the site.

Install a dropshipping app

Once you are done with the registration, you will be directed to the dashboard to add products to your store. The Shopify app is the most reliable app to get started, especially if you are new. 

Visit the Shopify app store and choose the dropshipping app you want. Only when you have done this will your add products to the page. The most common use Shopify dropshipping app is Oberlo.

  • Find the drop shipper supplier to deal with and discuss the formalities
  • Add the products using the app

To do this, choose the category your want and click the products you want to add, and click on the add to import list

  • Click import list
  • Add titles, descriptions, categories, and details.
  • Set up the Shopify store
  • This is the time to arrange the chosen products on your Shopify storefront

You should use the Shopify design template to make the page attractive to visitors

  • Customize the page
  • Set up payment pathway
  • Click live
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