MDF Instruments 2

MDF Instruments

Medical supplier of stethoscopes and other tools MDF Instruments of California came to Ecomitize with a problem. They needed to upgrade their current large Magento 1 site to Magento 2, but also needed to keep the functionality of their current site including directing customers to their country’s respective site, one-step checkout, layered navigation and the ability to list their products on Google Shopping. Luckily, the eCommerce experts at Ecomitize knew how to solve all of these, and create a beautiful and functional Magento 2 site for the medical supplier. 

The experts started out with building a brand new site in Magento 2 that required some custom frontend coding that mimicked the design of the initial Magento 1 site. They then moved on to making sure the new site had the same functionality as the previous one. This required some additional Magento plugins, which the eCommerce team knew exactly how to install and quality assurance test. After the site was complete, Ecomitize then created multiple versions of the site for multiple countries and installed an extension to direct visitors to their respective country site. This plugin also allowed for the respective currency to be displayed too. 

Overall, the eCommerce experts’ experience and knowledge of Magento 2 allowed them to create a beautiful and functional online store in Magento 2 for this client. Want to see what they can do for you? Get in contact with Ecomitize today to start your project. 

Stay healthy!