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eCommerce Experts Update Oklahoma Based Outdoor Decorative Concrete Retailers in WooCommerce

Ecomitize designs and develops a beautiful custom WooCommerce store for Moon Decorative Concrete

One thing is for sure when you’re designing a new ecommerce site, it helps to have an expert to walk you through the process of developing the new site; and that was especially true when building a new WooCommerce online store for decorative concrete company Moon Decorative Concrete. The experts in concrete came to the experts in ecommerce with some very specific needs that required expertise only Ecomitize could provide. The ecommerce experts padded the brand new WooCommerce site with plugins and other functionalities to ensure that the site was the best it could be. 

The ecommerce experts at Ecomitize began by ensuring that the Moon Decorative brand was cohesive across the site with the graphic design package. This provided the decorative concrete brand with a cohesive style and brand that conveyed professionalism and simplicity. The designers and developers were able to move ten pages of old content over from the previous site and optimize it for conversions. 

After completing the website design, the experts were able to add plugins and integrations including a WooCommerce to NCR CounterPoint integration to ensure inventory stayed up to date across all sales channels. Other plugins included optimizations for website speed, Google Analytics, gift wrapping, cross-selling and desktop notifications so the Moon Decorative team never misses a sale on their brand new ecommerce site.  

Are you a home improvement company that needs a new eCommerce site and don’t know where to start? Get in touch with Ecomitize today for professional experience to provide you the advice you need to get your company online. 

That’s some concrete evidence of a project well-done.