The Walker School

Omaha, Nebraska based WooCommerce experts Ecomitize aren’t intimidated by WooCommerce eCommerce websites for school and college shops with a considerable amount of product. The team at Ecomitize has faced robust stores for schools and universities before, and knew exactly what to do. The amount of customization, categories and functionality needed for such a large store is a cakewalk for Ecomitize. 

Marietta, Georgia based The Walker School Wolverines came with a challenge. They needed an eCommerce store that not only needed to convey their school spirit but also be functional for parents and students alike to navigate, purchase gift cards on, integrate with their NCR Counterpoint software, and they needed to be able to make updates themselves when needed. This was all doable by Ecomitize thanks to their experience in eCommerce sites. 

Using an internal WooCommerce template to get started, Ecomitize branded the website to show off the Wolverine Warehouse brand and began to make sure the products were front and center on a striking homepage featuring new arrivals, best sellers and featured products. After the design had been locked down, the team worked on integrating the ability to buy gift cards on their site, integrating it with their point-of-sale system, adding a cross-selling feature which recommends other products for customers. This all culminated in a web store that converts for the client, which in turn supports the school. 

After the conclusion of the website build, the team at Ecomitize was able to train The Walker School on how to update their site on their own allowing them to make changes and update products as needed.

Check out the amazing eCommerce site built by Ecomitize below. Are you a school that needs help with your web store? Feel free to reach out to us here. 

Rah rah rah! Go Wolverines!