Why Sell on Amazon?

Posted On October 9, 2018 by bubyr
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Amazon doesn’t need an introduction anymore, it is currently the second-largest company in the United States and accounts for more than 40% of the American online retail sales. What you probably don’t know is what it can do for you and your business. Let’s see why you should sell on Amazon.

Why should you start selling on Amazon?

Nowadays, being active in the eCommerce world is critical and selling on marketplaces is the extra step you need to take to increase your profitability. Shoppers are always looking for good deals, so what you need to do is to reach them where they are, offer them great customer service and competitive prices. Multi-channel selling is a fantastic opportunity to engage with your clients and create a trust-based relationship.

Marketplaces are a comprehensive resource that offers a lot of data that can be used in your marketing strategies. Not only you can check your competitors, analyze their products and prices and adapt based on the market flow, but you can also collect information about your shoppers and their behavior, interests, and needs. This keeps you aware of the constant changes in this dynamic environment and provides data that can be used for marketing purposes.

Amazon makes it all easier – the selling process, promoting products, exposing your brand and making it more visible to the shoppers, shipping your items and increasing the trustworthiness for your customers. Having all these elements in place, the user will have a great shopping experience and the safety that the orders and their fulfillment get done without any hiccups. Excellent customer service is one of the highest priorities for Amazon.

If you are an entrepreneur or managing a young business, Amazon is the place to start promoting it. The fees are not high and they can provide the necessary exposure to your start-up needs. Going international? Amazon can help you here too. The platform can help you expand to world-wide markets, facilitating the operations and managing your processes efficiently.

As far as operations go, Amazon Fulfillment (FBA) can streamline the process, doing the heavy lifting when it comes to storing, picking, packing and shipping. They really have all the aspects covered and they are ready to provide these types of services to all the businesses that need support with that.

If you’re serious about building an online eCommerce business, you’ll definitely need to be present on Amazon.

Why Sell on Amazon? 1

Start Selling on Amazon

There are a few important aspects of this process, however, it all starts with your product listings. Here are a few tips on how to do it right:

  • Create accurate listings

    – set the price, use complex descriptions, high-quality images

  • Set up the unique identification for your products

  • Optimize listings for search

    – include keywords in your description and in your catalog, use attributes for your product titles (brand, product line, material, color, size, quantity). Keep your title up to 60 characters long.

  • Work on your policies

    , make them as clear as possible – shipping and fulfillment

  • Check your orders and inventory regularly

Why Sell on Amazon? 2

These are a few of the most important aspects that you need to consider when you sell in this marketplace. These can vary based on your business strategies and goals. It’s recommended that you build a solid plan based on the goals you want to achieve, study what this platform can offer you and apply the necessary methods that can help you increase your sales and revenues.

You can use various market research tools that can help you get the info you need to develop more efficient marketing strategies. Here are the most important data you should take a look at in order to become a more prosperous seller on Amazon:

  • Product data

    (images, description, videos) – study your competitors, see how they organize their listings, monitor change in price, stock, rating and this feed can help you build a pricing strategy;

  • Product reviews and complaints

    – helps you understand what you need to change or improve

  • Determine your products’ viability;

  • Monitor the demand,

    analyze the potential of certain products and adjust to the market.

This type of data is vital to your growth and your online success as a seller. The more information you gather, the more you are able to adapt your services and offer a competitive product, attracting more customers and generate more sales.

If you want to leave it up to the experts, our team can assess your needs and come up with the best strategy for you. Contact us to find out how you can grow your sales by using Amazon!

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