UI/UX Design Services

We know UI design for eCommerce is as important as UX eCommerce in the grand scheme of customer loyalty. We are ready to show you what “the best” looks like.

UI/UX Design Services

User Interface and User Experience have a lot of weight in the overall rating of an eCommerce website.
Ecomitize is dedicated to making eCommerce UX as best as possible so that your business gains movement and achieves the wanted results.

Design Process

  • Research on all levels to achieve YOUR goals
  • Development of unique approach and personalized experience
  • Analyze the brief and identify problems and solutions
  • Conducting eCommerce UI research to gather information about user behavior and needs and adapt the website accordingly
  • Creating low and high fidelity wireframes
  • Presenting information by creative and informative mockups

We are proficient in:

What to Expect


All the members of our team work together to ensure UI design in eCommerce, flows smoothly.

UX Research

We review all the information you give us and create a real profile of users. We want the best UX design eCommerce can give your business.

Graphic Design

We create custom landing pages and home pages, logos, and amazing website elements that will make eCommerce UI design stand out.


Before you run, you need to walk. So, our mockups will show you just how the website will look after we’re done with it.

Review & Revision

We never leave a stone unturned, so expect a complete review before everything gets to the development stage.


We are ready to give you tips and tricks so your UI eCommerce website will be amazing at all times.

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