Best WooCommerce Product Search Plugins

Posted On November 27, 2019 by bubyr

Optimized product search has a huge impact on the customer shopping experience. Shoppers use internal website search to get faster to the desired products and to shorten the time spent on the site. It’s critical that your website keeps up with this requirement, otherwise you can expect your visitors to leave the store without purchasing your products. This article will present various tools you can use to improve your WooCommerce product search.

Advanced product search is not something to worry about when you don’t have a lot of eCommerce inventory, however, as the number of products and categories increases, you need to consider additional technical improvements for your website.

Here is a list of the best WooCommerce product search plugins:

WooCommerce Product Search

This plugin delivers fast and accurate search results for your shoppers. The Live Search Field allows users to find products as they type, together with images and pricing information. It also includes a feature called Live Filters which shows updated results while the shoppers search by keyword, price range, tags or attributes. 

Search statistics and business insights are also available in this plugin, providing valuable search data to merchants. The Search Indexer automatically indexes all products in your store after you modify or remove products. 

Pricing starts at $49.00 for a single website.


The InstantSearch+ plugin is free for stores with up to 1000 products and the starting price for the subscription is $34.99/month. This search solution is cloud-based, CDN-backed and provides very fast instant search results. It includes typo corrections, search-as-you-type product names, search term highlighting, improved search results page and advanced word matching. 

The merchant can also control how and which products are presented in search, collections and product recommendations. The dashboard includes search terms reports, top search suggestions, top products and top under-served searches (what people looked for but couldn’t find).

Smart WooCommerce Search PRO

This advanced search plugin includes a variety of features, such as improved product search engine, flexible ways to search, typo correct, custom search widget, search in custom post types (description, tags, categories, taxonomies, custom fields), search by SKU, search in variations, search results with images and prices, search with labels (out of stock, sale, featured), mobile-friendly.

Pricing starts at $39.00 for a single website.

WooCommerce Search Engine

The WooCommerce Search Engine is a smart search solution with fast search suggestions and compatible with all WP themes. This plugin provides search by product name, description, SKU, tags, attributes, synonyms and custom fields. 

Other exciting features of this plugin are autocorrection, search results page, recently visited products, featured products, trending products, search analytics, and smart price expressions.

Pricing starts at $59.00 for the regular license.

Search WP

One of the most popular and efficient search plugins out there, Search WP offers automatic integration with native WP search, multiple search engines, keyword stemming, easy algorithm customization, exclude or attribute results, advanced custom field support, suggestions and search statistics and insights. 

The standard license for a single website starts at $99.

Premmerce WooCommerce Product Search

Popular WooCommerce search plugin which makes the product search more efficient and more flexible. It includes search autocomplete, synonym search, spell correction, sort results by relevance, search for transliterated words, product search by SKU and description. You can also set up the minimum number of symbols to start the live search, as well as the number of autocomplete results. 

Pricing starts at $49.99 for a single website.


Product search in eCommerce is one of the most important determinants of sales and conversions.  This functionality is in constant change, getting better and better as a response to the shoppers’ needs. The WooCommerce community provides cost-effective solutions for all businesses. You can try more plugins and see which one fits your needs and which one is more suitable for your eCommerce store.

If you’re still not sure what to choose, talk to our experts to receive recommendations and see how you can improve your WooCommerce store!

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