10 Most Popular Magento 2 Free Extensions

Posted On September 12, 2019 by Anca Iusan

Not sure how you can improve your Magento 2 store? In this article, we’ve put together a list of the most popular and reliable extensions available in the Magento marketplace. These are easy to use, highly effective for website optimization or streamlining your operations. Are you ready to find a Magento 2 free extension for your store?

By default, Magento searches for products containing ANY of the search keywords, therefore the search results generated are not the most accurate ones. By using this Magento 2 free extension, you can modify the behavior of the search to display only products that contain ALL the search keywords. 

For example, let’s say the user searches for “blue t-shirt” on the website. The default Magento search would display products that contain “blue” and “t-shirt”, however that doesn’t necessarily mean it will show a blue t-shirt. What the extension does is narrowing down the search results. So it will lead the user to more relevant products based on the keywords, in this example a blue t-shirt.

This extension is easy to install and configure. Top Magento 2 free extension for SEO, it improves your site ranking, site traffic and will prevent duplicate content problems. This means it will eliminate traffic loss and negative effects on the ranking of your website, therefore improving the SEO performance. 


    • Structured data – automatically adds a rich snippet to your store to help the search engines display your pages better and more attractively.
    • SEO report – this includes a checklist, duplicate content issues, low word count pages, 404 pages, and missing metadata issues.
    • XTMP/XML Sitemaps – having both types of sitemaps on your website will make it easier for both search engines and users to understand the structure of your site.
    • Cross-links 
    • SEO Metadata template rules – you have the possibility to set mass and dynamic metadata information for products, categories, pages, and layered navigation.
    • Page Analysis – as an admin, you can preview Google search results in the backend without submitting data to search engines.
    • Link alternate tag
    • Hreflang tag – you can use this tag to tell search engines the language you’re using on a specific page and your page will rank higher when visitors search in that language.

Popular Magento 2 free extension for shipping fulfillment, Shipper HQ allows you to fully control and customize your shipping rates. Moreover, it’s free to download and easy to install, but it requires a monthly subscription. 


  • Multi-carrier support
  • Live rates
  • Custom carriers – free shipping, flat/table rates, in-store pickup 
  • Fully customizable rate management
  • Shipping rates and methods based on the product, category, cart quantity, value, weight, dimensions
  • Multi-origin shipping
  • Set date and time of delivery

Searchanise is an alternative to the default Magento search. It provides advanced relevant autocomplete search, instant search suggestions, and personalization. It’s a great extension to improve the user’s search experience.


  • Instant search as you type – personalized suggestions and autocomplete
  • Spellcheck and typo correction
  • Keyword-based redirects
  • “Did you mean” suggestions
  • Results in products, categories, pages
  • Automatic customizable filters – price, availability, vendor, categories, reviews
  • Multilingual
  • Mobile friendly
  • CSS customization opportunity 
  • API documentation

This extension will help you get more control over the customization on the SMTP server, making sure your emails will get to the right inbox. You can test the emails by yourself before sending them, to see if it gets to the correct destination, instead of a spam box. 


  • Supports 20+ email service providers
  • Testing email mode
  • Archive sent emails in log
  • Check back email displaying by customer views
  • Schedule log cleaner
  • Three kinds of protocols: None, SSL and TLS
  • Merge send a test email with normal send email logic
  • Resend and delete log functionality
  • Customizable SMTP server
  • Decreased risk of email going to the spam box

Integrate your blog directly into the Magento backend and manage everything in one place. You can manage categories, posts, comments and everything in one dashboard. It has a responsive design, it’s mobile-friendly and optimized for SEO.


  • Product-related posts
  • Multiselect categories and tags
  • RSS optimization
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Author feature
  • Blog breadcrumbs
  • Related posts
  • Allows guests to comment on blog posts
  • Import data from WordPress
  • Multi stores support
  • Topic, tags, categories, popular, recent posts widget
  • CMS static block in a blog post, sidebar

Get your users to log in faster to your store by using social login! This extension is easy to use, powerful and it supports 10 social networks. No more complex registration forms!


  • Quick login
  • Easy to customize 
  • Easy customer information update
  • Increased signup rate by up to 30%
  • Popover login form

Business data is important to keep track of, especially when you want to improve your strategies. This extension keeps all your statistical data in one place – customer information, orders, sales, products.


  • Advanced reports (sales report by location, repeat customer rate, conversion funnel, etc.)
  • Display report data by charts
  • Filter report elements
  • Customize and compare report periods
  • 16 report cards
  • Flexible dashboard layouts
  • Drag & resize report dashboards
  • Mobile friendly
  • Compatible with other extensions – Gift Card, Reward Points Program, Affiliate Program

This extension supports both visible and invisible captcha. It works on any kind of form on your website, including frontend and backend. 

Google provides reCaptcha to prevent spam and abuse from bots. It keeps automated software from harming your website. It’s usually a checkbox that has to be clicked to verify if the user is a human or a bot. Invisible captcha automatically analyzes whether the user is a human or a bot and it only shows up when it doubts the existence of bots. It’s more user-friendly because it doesn’t interfere with the frontend of the website.

Increase brand awareness and support your marketing efforts with this great extension! It’s a powerful marketing tool, easy to use, easy to customize and change its design.


  • Enable/disable newsletter popup extension
  • Ability to change the background color, text color of a popup
  • Different pre-made popup templates
  • Customizable popup size
  • Coupon code offering on the congratulations page
  • Show firework with successful newsletter integration
  • Allows showing the popup on specific pages using URLs
  • Show after X seconds on the site
  • Exit intent
  • Re-display after X days
  • Enable/disable floating button
  • Terms & Conditions display (GDPR compliance)
  • Weekly report on new subscribers

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