Creating Bundles in Magento 2

Posted On March 5, 2019 by Anca Iusan

Bundled products work as a predefined grouping of more items being sold together. They are often sold at special prices and widely used in promotional campaigns, giving merchants a competitive advantage. Let’s discuss more about creating bundles in Magento 2.

Promoting products as part of a group brings you extra benefits in your marketing efforts – you increase their exposure, present them as featured products so the users get the reassurance that the products they buy go together, you create more selling opportunities, you appeal to more buyers and you present more information to the shoppers on one single page.

Creating bundles in Magento 2 is not that hard. You do need to consider what your shoppers are looking for, do some research on what products go together, study your competitors, make sure your bundle is viable and most importantly, be creative with the variations you offer and sell them at a special price so stimulate your customers. The main goal is to attract more shoppers and sell more of your products in a fun and efficient way.

Benefits of selling bundles:

⇨ Attract more customers by using discounts and promotions – by grouping items together you increase your average order amount; your buyers will be even more attracted by your new product if you sell it at a special discounted price or if you create a special promotion.

⇨ Move underselling & slow-moving products by adding them to bundles is a good strategy to recover some revenue and promote them more.

⇨ Promote best sellers which already are popular by including them in your bundles.

How to create bundles in Magento 2

Native Magento allows you to create a bundle product by using a simple product. You have to work on all the customizations for the products and all variables such as the shipping options. With a bit of practice, it’s quite a simple process.


  1. In the Admin panel, go to Products – Catalog

  2. In this section, click on Bundle Product from the Add Product dropdown Creating Bundles in Magento 2 1

  3. Add the specific details such as title, SKU, price, weight etc.

  4. Set up the shipping method – “ship together” if preferred

  5. Click Add Option

  6. Add the product title in the Option Title field and select radio buttons from the input type dropdown field – then click on Add Products to Option

  7. Select the products from the list of your added products – then add them by clicking on Add Selected Products

  8. Click Save from the top of the page.

The Native Magento interface display for this product is this:


Creating Bundles in Magento 2 2

The Native bundle products can take time for the user to customize and finish the order. Also, there are a lot of elements on the front-end, as seen in the example above. The user can only change the quantity on this page.

As a more user-friendly solution, you can go for the Magento 2 Simple Bundle Product extension, which speeds up the entire bundle creation process and removes the unnecessary elements from the product page.

To compare, this is how a bundle product looks like if you use the extension:


Creating Bundles in Magento 2 3

No customization, just the add to cart button. As simple as that for your customers. This extension is easy to use and configure:

  1. In the Admin panel area, while creating a new bundle product, you need to set the Switch to Simple Bundle option to Yes

    Creating Bundles in Magento 2 4

  2. Select the shipping method and work on your product options in a much simpler window

    Creating Bundles in Magento 2 5
    This extension saves you a lot of clicks and facilitates the process of creating the bundles. Using the native bundle creation process, to add 4 products to the bundle, you have to click around 40 times. Using the extension, those clicks are reduced to roughly 10. You can create bundles in Magento 2 almost 4 times faster with this extension than with the Native Magento options.

    Bundles are a great way to promote your products, sell them at a special price and get more revenue out of slow-moving items. Be creative with your promotions, help your customers get featured products that go together and stimulate your shoppers to buy more!

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