How To Optimize Your Twitter Business Page

Posted On July 29, 2019 by bubyr

Twitter is a useful tool for business social media marketing because it’s quick, it uses short text, and has easy sharing features. This article will teach you how to optimize your Twitter business page!

Amongst the benefits of using Twitter for business, we can name reaching a wide audience, delivering customer service, promoting brand identity, helping to gather feedback from customers.

Twitter has more than 320 million users, more than 500 million tweets per day, 80% of the users are accessing the platform via their mobile phones. Definitely worth being present on Twitter to promote your business!

Here is a list of tips you can use to optimize your business Twitter page!

  • Choose the best username

    – it could be your company name or something else more suggestive that speaks to your audience and is easy to remember, such as product names or a word associated with your brand. Avoid using numbers or underscores in your Twitter handle.

  • Use an original image for your header

    – customize it the best way to attract more customers and create brand awareness!

  • Add your website and your location

    in the profile description.

  • Optimize your Twitter bio

    – use the 160 character limit to write the essential about your business! It can be your mission statement, your company’s vision or anything you can think of that would raise interest in your visitors! You can add links to it, another Twitter handle (to connect to another page), hashtags or simply the goal of your business.

  • Include keywords in your bio.

  • Pin the most important tweets

    – make sure some posts stay at the top of your timeline by pinning them and making them available for your visitors at all times!

  • Connect with other influencers

    – search for other companies or people involved in the same niche as your company. Follow them, retweet their tweets and they will end up doing the same, making your audience bigger.

  • Using hashtags

    helps you grow your audience. The trends section on Twitter show you popular hashtags and how many tweets they have been used in. People search for pages using hashtags, so by using them in your tweets you have more chances to draw new visitors on your page. Use new hashtags for your audience and create engagement for your followers by encouraging them to use that particular new hashtag.

  • Grow your audience

    – you can use Jooicer to grow your followers’ numbers in just a few hours! Easy to use software, it helps you set up your strategies to increase your followers on Twitter.

  • Add Twitter buttons

    on your website to point your visitors to your Twitter page. Simply go to and here you can type your Twitter handle or add the URL of one of your posts. You need to choose the display options and the button type – follow or mention. This makes it easier for visitors to get to your Twitter page from inside of a website or a blog post. The HTML code will be generated and ready to be inserted on your website, encouraging your readers to follow you on Twitter.

  • Create Twitter ads

    – go to and select your country and time zone. Next, you need to select your marketing strategy – awareness, followers, promoted videos, mobile clicks, conversion and so on. Start setting up your campaign by choosing a name for it, a daily budget, the time to run it and the funding source. Twitter ads are quite flexible and you pay only when the ad has results. For example, for a Followers campaign you only pay when new people start following you. Each campaign is different, but the idea is the same. Use keywords to find your audience for your ad campaign, select the bid and the budget and launch your campaign!

  • Promote your tweets

    – simply click on “Activity” on your tweets and then choose “Promote Your Tweet”. Select your target audience, your budget limit and confirm your tweet ad.

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