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Posted On April 16, 2019 by bubyr

How important is SEO on Amazon?

Search engine optimization is a general term used for the management and cultivation of online content to improve its appearance in search results, particularly in search engines such as Google. Specific to marketplaces like Amazon, SEO refers to the optimization of product listings to appear higher in the search results and keyword ranking is vital to this process. Let’s look into the best Amazon keyword research software tools!

As marketplaces have millions and millions of product listings available, merchants need to optimize how their products can be found easier by shoppers. When we talk about listing optimization, there are a few important items to consider, such as product titles, product descriptions, search terms, categorization, and other product specifics.

Let’s discuss these elements.

Product titles are the most relevant aspect of any listing and they carry a lot of SEO weight. The category itself is a validating data-point on Amazon and the search algorithm takes it into consideration, so it’s important to choose the right category for your products.

Search terms are practically invisible keywords added to the titles, so try to use different terms than the ones already included in the titles, synonyms or alternate spellings. Search queries match various product attributes to present more relevant results to the users, add those in for a better search result!

Product descriptions should be as accurate as possible and they should include relevant information and keywords.

Spend some time to research popular keywords and include them in your Amazon listings so your shoppers can find your products easier and faster.

Let’s look into some popular and efficient tools which help you find the right keywords for your listings.

Amazon Keyword Research Software Tools

  • Sonar

    – find keywords for your sponsored product campaigns! This tool provides the search volume for keywords, it shows popular searches on Amazon, supports reverse ASIN search and downloadable data. Suitable for international sellers too as it also looks up for foreign keywords. PPC keywords are included as well.

  • Scope

    improves paid and organic search rankings and monitors keyword ranking lists, as well as best selling products. The software includes features such as reverse ASIN search, product tracker, keyword generator, product research, sales filters, revenue estimates, and a profit calculator.

  • AMZTracker

    allows bestsellers tracking, looks into your product rankings data, it includes keyword suggestions, super URLs and it also tracks the rankings on Amazon for various keywords.

  • Keyword Keg

    has a rich keyword data, it quickly narrows down and finds the best keywords using search volume, trends, competition data, buyer intent data, suggests APIs, export data and you can bulk upload keywords.

  • SellerApp

    is a comprehensive eCommerce analytics software that provides Amazon sellers data to help them improve their sales. Amongst its features, we can name competitors’ research, customer trends and behavior, listing optimization, product tracking, product ideas, product keyword optimization, and product watch.

  • Jungle Scout

    is a tool that offers product research data – product database, competitor data, historical data, product tracker and niche hunter.

  • MerchantWords

    helps sellers identify new selling opportunities, run successful campaigns and look into the shopper behavior. It includes over 1 billion unique search phrases collected from Amazon shoppers, it shows trends, you can download search data and it has a multi-language feature.


The Amazon SEO software solutions provide the necessary data you need in order to solidify your marketing strategy and attract more customers to your products. Optimizing your Amazon listings will give your products better visibility and ultimately increase your sales.

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