Marketing Emails 101

Posted On February 10, 2020 by Anca Iusan

Learn the basics of eCommerce marketing emails

Emails are the most preferred method of communication according to a survey conducted in the USA by MarketingSherpa. Roughly 75% of people want to receive emails from companies, instead of social media messages, text messages or phone calls.

For merchants, email marketing is flexible, it allows sending a longer message to customers and it’s a direct, simple way to contact leads and existing client base. In the eCommerce environment, email marketing is crucial and goes a long way. Some say it’s even the key to eCommerce success.

The purpose of email marketing is to promote your online store, to drive more traffic to your shop and convert that traffic into purchases.

In this article we will be discussing eCommerce email marketing best practices, how to write email marketing content and email marketing strategies.

What are the essential marketing emails you need to work on?

Welcome Email

The welcome email is the first point of contact between your store and the customers and the message you send is very important. It usually determines whether that customer will open your following emails or not. The welcome email typically includes the thank you message for registering, call-to-action buttons to follow you on social media or visit your blog, a perks list and an incentive which increases conversion. Be original with your message and use a simple design.

Order Confirmation Email

The order confirmation email is important because it leaves an impression on your shoppers and you need to make sure it has a positive impact on them. Set the tone of your future business relationship by writing an effective email including the confirmation for the order, congratulations message and add the order details. You can also include links to the returns policy and customer service information.

order confirmation email

Promotional Emails

After you grow your email list, you want to promote your products and run marketing campaigns to re-engage your shoppers. Consider sending promo offers for special holidays, discounts, contests, giveaways, vouchers, promo codes and other! Use powerful words, clear messages and clear rules which apply to the promotion. 

promo emails


Abandoned Cart Email

Shoppers add to cart products they are interested in, however, for one reason or another, they don’t turn into an order. This is a great opportunity for merchants to get them back and draw their attention to the items they left behind. To win back the sales, you need to be careful with your tone (as you don’t know the exact reason why they abandoned their cart), add the products in your email and a clear call-to-action button to encourage the purchase. To maximize conversions, you can offer discounts, add product reviews and/or mention the supply is low. 

Marketing Emails 101 1

Referrals Email

People trust their peers more than they trust advertising, this is why it’s important to include this in your marketing campaign. You can ask your customers for referrals and offer them discounts in return. Your existing shoppers are your best advocates and they do grow your customer base, but they also need a bit of encouragement before they share. 

Add a powerful call-to-action button to your email, create a clear message of how the referral works and add an incentive.

Marketing Emails 101 2

The Upsell & Cross-sell Email

These types of emails work on product recommendations which you should include in your email marketing campaigns based on the customer’s purchase history. Upselling refers to recommending purchasing a more expensive item and cross-selling is a recommendation of a related or complementary product. 

When you create your recommendations, keep in mind what the previous order amount was, the spending power of the shopper is something to consider. You don’t want to scare them off with an expensive item they can’t afford. Show more products, but don’t overwhelm the customer either. Bundles are great to showcase in these emails. 

Marketing Emails 101 3

Additional Marketing Tips

⦿ Send regular newsletters to notify your subscribers of new promotions

⦿ Run a Buy-One-Get-One campaign 

⦿ Send thank you notes to your customers 

⦿ Ask for feedback

⦿ Send wishlist email reminders

⦿ Use marketing content tools 

⦿ Learn how to reduce shopping cart abandonment

⦿ Focus on FOMO (Fear of missing out) strategies 

⦿ Sell benefits, not features to your customers

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