New and Exciting Features of Magento 2.3

Posted On November 13, 2018 by bubyr

There’s always excitement around a new Magento release and the upcoming Magento 2.3 version has already stirred up the spirits with its great improvements and features.

Although we still don’t know the exact release date for it, everyone is waiting for it like they’re waiting for a Christmas present.

So let’s look more into what Magento has prepared for its new branch!

Magento 2.3 key features and improvements

  • Multi-Source Inventory

Magento decided to include in its core the functionality to have multi-source inventory, permitting merchants to handle their inventory through multiple sources, allowing shipping and tracking of inventory levels from multiple storage locations and warehouses. The best part about this lays in the ability to support inventory from retail stores and include Ship from Store and Pick up in Store.

As a method to boost performance and avoid database locking during an order, Magento worked on improving the reservation mechanism of inventory, keeping it in a new table structure, as opposed to the direct decrementing of stock.

  • ElasticSearch

Magento’s default search functionality was not one of the best, but with the new release, the powerful searching solution offered by ElasticSearch is now included, facilitating the user experience.

  • PHP 7.2

Together with this new PHP version, Magento improves the performance, security as well as development features.

  • Google reCAPTCHA

In an effort to improve the overall user experience, Magento will now have the Google reCAPTCHA included in its core.

  • 2 Factor Authentication

In order to prevent malicious authentications in the administration panels, Magento is sharpening the security by introducing the two-factor authentication, requesting users to prove that they have access by sending a security code to their emails or phones.

  • Page Builder

The long-awaited user-friendly and easy to use CMS Page Builder will finally become native in this new branch. Amongst the new Progressive Web Application features, we can name the tool to customize the content, add local preferences, CMS theme creation, drag-and-drop layout management and a very easy-to-use interface for any non-technical user!

  • GraphQL support

Introducing the new GraphQL API language is one of the biggest moves in Magento 2.3.

GraphQL is a data query language and the new Magento 2.3 implements GraphQL as an alternative API endpoint in addition to REST and SOAP. In English? It allows getting smaller amounts of data and making fewer API requests. Using this feature allows Magento PWA to be quick even on mobile devices which are using a slow mobile connection. Magento 2.3 will have a very modern tech stack for the frontend including react JS.

  • Declarative Database Schema

The declarative database schema allows developers to define database structures and changes in XML files, as opposed to the old install scripts. Magento will convert these into SQL statements and perform them. The biggest advantage of this new feature is the rollback support, meaning you can always switch to a previous version.

  • WYSIWYG Upgrade

The new versions of the WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) will bring improvements to the customization features, such as widgets, media galleries, plugins, and other variables.

  • Instant Purchase

Recurring customers have it easier now. The new Instant Purchase functionality allows them to order quicker and skip a few steps, such as adding payment and shipping details.

New and Exciting Features of Magento 2.3 1


Magento has focused a lot in this past year to improve both the user and the merchant experience. By the looks of it, they will succeed once the new 2.3 branch is out. The functionality and user experience improvements will bring better, more secure performance and will help businesses get a higher conversion rate. The simpler admin functions, the easier online store management, and the reduced development complexity will be beneficial to all businesses that decide to upgrade their current Magento version or to new users that weren’t convinced so far of using this platform.

If you want our team of experts to help you get the benefits of this new Magento branch, reach out to us and we will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction!

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