Michigan Industrial Shoe 2

Michigan Industrial Shoe

Safety Shoe Vendor Comes To Ecomitize For a Fresh eCommerce Website

Michigan Industrial Shoe is a family-owned company working in the safety shoe & apparel industry for more than 30 years. They provide a variety of brands and over 1000 styles for their customers. Constantly looking for ways to keep their clients happy, Michigan Industrial Shoe is focusing on quality products at lower prices and exceptional customer service.

There are a lot of specifications for Ecomitize to consider before building the new website, such as the Corporate Programs, the Shoemobile Service, the Education Center, the product data, safety features, product details, CounterPoint integration and many other aspects.

After analyzing the needs of the customer, we included the following features and functionalities in the project:

  • WooCommerce website development 
  • WooCommerce – CounterPoint integration
  • Custom graphic design to customize the frontend of the website
  • Market research (competitors research, keywords, UI research)
  • Shop by Brand functionality
  • Credit cards payments
  • Custom landing pages
  • Menu dropdown display
  • Improved search functionality
  • Similar Styles product slider
  • SEO Yoast tool
  • eCommerce Management Solutions
  • Product category list order
  • Reviews display on the category page
  • Text swatches on the product pages & in the layered navigation
  • Safety features tab displayed on the product pages
  • Website hosting
  • Migration redirects

The Ecomitize SEO team performed a market research for this project to help the Michigan Industrial Shoe team figure out what their customers are searching for and what keywords they use in that process. Our skilled marketing team looked into the industry specifications, competition, product catalog and proposed a plan to better optimize the structure and the content of the website. 

The benefits of the market research translate into increased traffic, better conversion rates and optimized site architecture for search engines. 

The Michigan Industrial Shoe project is a success story both in the eCommerce world and the safety shoe industry. 

The website was launched in late 2017.