Best Techniques To Optimize Your Facebook Page

Posted On July 29, 2019 by bubyr

In today’s competitive market, brand building is crucial. Facebook continues to lead the social media networks and it’s a great place to promote your products and increase brand awareness. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have a Facebook page. Let us walk you through the process of how you can optimize your Facebook page.

Easy to set up and monitor, your Facebook page will help you determine your target audience, it will increase your followers, it will humanize your business, it will bring traffic to your website and build brand awareness.

Let us walk you through the process of how you can optimize your Facebook page.

Creating a captivating Facebook page

Having an original and interesting Facebook page makes people like it, share it and follow it in the future.

If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, follow this guide to create one

The page type is important and you should choose the most appropriate one for your business – local business, company, organization, brand, products, entertainment, cause, community, or public figure.

For local business you have to add the physical location of the business because Facebook will optimize its algorithms to connect you to people around that area, helping you promote your shop.

Once you create your page, you need to add all the essential information. When you edit your page, you can change the name of the page, the category, description and add your location, contact and hours. Under additional information, add the date under “Founded”, add a mission statement and all your contact details.

Next, you need to add the profile and cover images. The logo should be added as a profile picture, it helps visitors identify your company easier. As far as the cover photo goes, you should add a suggestive and original image which includes your website. It’s important that you add your website everywhere you can.

The page description is essential and it has to be a captivating one. Make sure you include all relevant keywords to your business. For example, if your business is teaching online courses to entrepreneurs you should include keywords like online courses, online classes, online education, online learning, training and so on. Your website should be present in the description.

Facebook Page Username is important when you share your page because it customizes the URL of the page. You have to collect sufficient likes to have this feature available in your account settings.

Setting up your Facebook page target audience

This is an important step because you need to add relevant information so Facebook can change its algorithms to display your page to the targeted audience.

Simply go to Settings on your page and on the left-hand side click on Preferred Page Audience. Click on Set Preferred Page Audience and select the appropriate options based on what you want to achieve – location, age, gender, interests, languages.

Focus on Interests – there are a lot of options in the suggested list, so think about who your customers are and what they are interested in.

Facebook Apps

You can install plenty of apps that you can use to optimize your page – Instagram feed, Pinterest, Youtube, and many others. Let’s see some popular and effective apps you can use to install on your Facebook page.

Go to and you can find a lot of apps to choose from.

For example, if you integrate your Youtube video channel, all the data gets transferred over to your Facebook page and the user doesn’t even leave the Facebook page to see your video. The same goes for Instatab.

You can use custom tab apps, email capture, contact forms, quizzes, polls, blogs, RSS feeds, automatic or scheduled posting, social media integration, Youtube, podcasts and other eCommerce apps.

They are all easy to install, you need to select the page where you want them to display and in less than a minute, your app is visible on your page. Once you install it, you can go to the application setting and set up the name, links, header images, etc.

Creating Facebook ads to monetize your page

  1. Affiliate Products – join affiliate programs to promote on your Facebook page and gain money out of it! Only use products which you like and tried yourself, because your audience will trust your recommendation. For example, if you are working in eCommerce, use a hosting company to promote. Simply Google the name of the hosting company and add “affiliate” next to it and take it from there!
  2. Create a Facebook landing page inside Facebook – used to collect customer information and promote your products or services!
  3. Work on Facebook ads
  4. Add a Facebook shop – you can add products on your Facebook page and your visitors can shop directly from this page!
  5. Sell advertising space on feed – this works for a large, active and engaging audience.
  6. Sell digital content directly – you can sell digital content directly on your Facebook page.
  7. Host a contest or a giveaway – create a special promotion for your visitors and you can use various software to select the winners. This is a great way to engage your visitors!
  8. Promote a local business

Check your competitors on Facebook

Go to your Facebook page and click on the Insights tab. The overview tab shows you the general information about how your page is performing. The “Your 5 most recent posts” section is very important for analytics – the reach and engagement sections in particular. By comparing the data, you can see what’s working better for your audience.

“Pages to Watch” show you similar pages out there and you can check out how your competitors are doing. Add up to 5 pages to keep an eye on and see how you can improve your own Facebook page.

You can see your competitors’ posts frequency, engagement and overall performance, which can help you work on improving your page and reach more people.

Promoting your Facebook page

You can use ads to promote your business on Facebook. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can grow your business really fast by using paid ads. Ads are easy to configure and you can set a specific number of days to run the ad, as well as setting a daily budget for them (as low as a few dollars/day).  You can add videos, content, photos, and links to your ad. Try it out for a while and see how this improves your business.

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