How to Start a Beer Business Online?

Posted On June 21, 2022 by bubyr
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If you own a craft brewery and you’re not online yet, this is the time to get that beer business in the online environment. The overall beer market in the US grew by 1% in 2021. Craft beers went up 8% in sales and now account for 27% of the entire beer industry, according to the Breweries Association Organization.

What are you waiting for?

Beer is the oldest brewed and most-consumed drink in the world, and with new brewery innovations and techniques, it is easy for anyone to create and start their own online business. After the pandemic, a lot of only stores or businesses without an online presence took a hit because they were not selling online too.

Do you already have a food business online and are thinking of adding an online beer business? This is your opportunity to take your home brew talent to the world and make some money.

The US craft or microbrewery market is the largest growing and most successful business by volume due to the number of independent breweries. In 2021, there were 9,118 craft breweries, according to the US Breweries Association.

And as global demand skyrockets, the market is said to reach $174.68 billion by 2032 with a 7% CAGR.

If this isn’t enough to let you know that the world needs your beer, you are missing out. However, if you are reading this, it means you want to know how to start a beer business online. Well, here is the 411 on all you need to know.

Shall we get started?

Look into the market

Chances are you already have customers for your beer business, which is good. However, if you are taking it online, you need further insight into the market stats and competition.

The beer business market is seriously competitive, and it would be detrimental to rely on your existing customers alone when transiting online. Additionally, you will need to register a business name and company with the Brewery Association in your state.

While you are looking into the market, do not forget to define your demographics, competitors, challenges, and sales strategy.

Or you could Ecomitize the process and have the professionals launch your business and define your space.

Tip: Go through the laws and guidelines governing the sale of alcoholic drinks online in your environs. If you are shipping your products cross-country, learn the federal laws and get the appropriate permits and licenses (retail license, shipping license, alcohol dealer registration, manufacturer’s license).

Choose a business name and define your brand

With so much creativity and uniqueness displayed in the craft beer industry, you must celebrate what makes you unique to stand out in a crowded market.

Brand identity will separate you from the crowd and competition, and a business name will make you memorable. When choosing a business name, it should immediately tell people about your passion and distinguish your brand.

Additionally, it should be suited for the market, demographic, and packaging to achieve your intended outcome.

For example, choose graphics, colors, fonts, designs, and content that tell a story about your product.

Furthermore, your online beer business must match the branding you intend to create.

Get your website set up

Your website allows you to sell your brand directly, and while there are restrictions to selling on online marketplaces, it is best to design your website and sell on your terms.

Popular marketplaces like Shopify and Etsy ban the sale of alcoholic drinks, and in some states, you can be penalized.

Ecomitize can help you sort out the digital aspect of your online beer business by designing a website that attracts customers and drives sales. They have the background knowledge and will handle all the formalities associated with website building. 

These include attaching the right software, features, and edge to it to ensure you stand out.

Additionally, their web developers easily create websites that allow seamless scalability, customization, and updates without stress. Like having your own beer business, a well-designed web page gives you total control.

Why do you need Ecomitize for your online beer business?

It is easy to get carried away thinking you can DIY your website just because you brew your own beer.

It is a different ball game so allow the professionals to get it right. After all, the online space is not for the faint-hearted, and only the right tools can ensure success.

With Ecomitize, your website includes a product page, accurate description to make selection easy, a secure and quick payment system, and subscriptions.

Ecomitize web development is a digital marketing platform that builds, designs, and launches online businesses for anyone successfully.

Learn how Ecomitize can help you grow your online beer business by scheduling a free consultation today.

Find your buyers

Whether you’re selling your own beer online or acting as a distributor for a brand, you need to find buyers for your products. There are hundreds of people looking for a unique taste and personality in their beer.

When selecting a buyer, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Are they individuals or a store?
  • Where are they located?
  • Why would they need your beer?
  • How much are you willing to sell your beer for?

The faster you know and understand who your buyers are, the better it is for your business.

Giving your beer the right package

Beer drinkers are in every group and a larger percentage appreciate being able to carry a pack and open a bottle conveniently. While that is not the only factor for a successful package, it is a good starting point.

Even if you have a packaging idea in mind, it is best to have a professional artist create a design that your buyers will respond to.

You will be surprised that a good package design is a selling point for the beer market.

Tip: Let the professionals do the external job while you concentrate on making a phenomenal beer for your audience. Remember, a good package is a cherry on the sundae.

Choose a marketing strategy

Growing a beer business online requires a comprehensive e-commerce marketing strategy. Your beer brand needs to be exceptional, and without a defined marketing strategy and digital team, nobody will know or remember your beer.

Some ways to market your beer business online:

Aside from having a well-designed website, an e-commerce marketing strategy, and a brewery account on social media, the following are great ways to attract more customers to your growing online beer business.

Register with an online beer review website and increase your online presence

Not only will it boost visibility, but it will also attract potential customers and teach you about new strategies other businesses are using to grow theirs.

Get your beer listed in the online beer directory

This is like the phone book for beer, and with everybody online; this will increase visibility, ratings, and reviews that will attract a new market opportunity.

Partake in beer festivals or beer events

There is no better way to showcase your unique beer brand than among hundreds of people looking for the next best beer. These events build your brand awareness and association with top industry expectations and are a great way to advertise your passion in a new world.

Create engaging beer content

There are lots of beer drinkers, but only a handful know about beer, its benefits, and other essential information about it. Ecomitize has talented content writers to produce original content about beer that will educate your audience and attract the target audience to your brand.


If you are ready to start an online beer business, this is the right time. The craft beer market is booming, and people are looking for unique tastes and personalities in their beer. Do you want to distinguish your online beer business?

Contact Ecomitize and take that beer business to the right people.

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