How to Start a Wine Business Online

Posted On June 17, 2022 by Anca Iusan
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Many businesses were closed in 2019, 2020, and a good part of 2021, making many business owners think about ways to rebrand and sell their products.

The wine industry was one of them, and today we have the option of growing a wine business online.

However, while wine is a lucrative business to begin online, the question that boggles the minds of many entrepreneurs is how to start a wine business online successfully.

There is no doubt that the wine industry is a profitable one, with the market said to reach $599.5 billion by 2028 and $846.3 billion by 2032.

It is easy for anyone to start an online wine business for sale, generate good returns, and make a sustainable income, especially with the above projections, but you need help.

At Ecomitize, we are a leading online web development service provider, helping e-commerce stores—existing or startups—to get the best experience from their online businesses. After years in the industry and launching several online stores, we know what it takes to build your online wine business.

If you are perchance confused, this article should help you streamline your business draft into one successful guide.

If you are ready, so are we. So let’s sell some wine.

Do a Proper Market Research

You should not neglect this vital factor just because you do not have a physical store. In fact, for any online business to succeed, you must conduct thorough market research and draft a comprehensive business plan.

The market research should include the following:

  • Your desired niche and wines suitable for it
  • Your competition in that niche and ways to outwit them.
  • Tools and marketing strategy to make your online wine business distinctive and easily accessible to online visitors.
  • A wine store app professionally designed with unique features and mobile compatibility.

Study other online stores and note why they are successful or failing. It is a learning platform.

Choose a Selling Platform

It’s online, and there is more than one selling platform for your online wine business. While you can choose to sell on one or more, it is best to select the best option based on internal and external market factors.

For example, if you decide to sell on an e-commerce platform just because it accommodates small businesses, it’s a good decision. However, it might not be a good idea if it cannot boost your online wine business objectives; it might not be the best for you.

Alternatively, you can opt for another e-commerce platform, and ensure it fulfills your business goals and objectives.

Choose the Wine to Sell

Remember to choose your target audience and market while picking the right wine for your online wine business.

Your wine choice should have a demographic, purpose, and market, and you must sort it out before diving head first into the industry. 

At Ecomitize, we advise our business partners to look for the leading brand or source the best from local suppliers and vendors.

Additionally, your choice of wines should reflect the desired market you intend to satisfy, and then you can grow from there.

Find The Suppliers Or Vendors For Your Online Wine Business

We’re still a few steps away from opening the online wine store, but having customers order wines you can’t supply would be disastrous.

Hmm, that would be terrible for growing a wine business online.

So make sure you have vendors and suppliers for the inventory you are putting up. If you sell branded or foreign wines, choose a vendor that can keep up the supplies regardless of the circumstances.

If you opt for local or vintage wines, make an alliance with wholesalers, suppliers, and local cellar owners that can deliver the wines you need.

Find distributors and do not settle for a few, or you risk disappointment when demand is high, and supply is low.

While at it, ensure you do not forget the price. It is crucial for your online wine business.

Choosing a Catchy Business/Domain Name

Once you have sorted out the paperwork, it is time to build an online persona suitable for your brand.

Every online business needs a name, domain, design, color, and image to sell to its target market. Even if you can DIY this aspect yourself, go to the professionals at Ecomitize. You are building a lasting business, so go for the best.

When choosing a domain or name for your online wine business, keep the following in mind:

  • It should be short and memorable.
  • It should sell your business and attract wine lovers and visitors to you.
  • Avoid complex characters, words, or language that people won’t understand.
  • Ensure your chosen name is searchable and represents the image and objective of your business.

For this, you might need a professional team to help you achieve this without breaking the bank.

Getting the Website Done

After the domain name and everything discussed above, you need a website to bring it to light.

Whether you are familiar with website development or not, if this is your first, go for a professional web developer to ensure all loopholes and gaps are covered.

There are countless winery websites on Google and a great winery website must tell a story, take the guests through a journey and have an exceptional marketing strategy

top web development company will build a business website, offer support, and keep your page updated as the digital space evolves. This ensures your customers continually get the best experience at every visit.

Additionally, a web development company will ensure your design is proper for the online wine business; color, design, and UX are in order.

Hosting your website

Once the website is ready, it must get online, and you need a hosting company. Several e-commerce platforms offer hosting capabilities and features to simplify selling on their platforms.

At Ecomitize, your online wine business can be up and running within minutes. Just contact us.

A Wine Selling Mobile App

A hosted website will announce your wine business online, but a mobile app will take your wine business to a broad audience, which in turn increases sales and ROI.

Ecomitize will design a fully functional and easy-to-use compatible mobile app for your wine business, whether for a startup or a full-fledged business.

Additionally, our developer will conduct a test app for your business. This will enable our team to know what customers want, relate to it, and suggest improvements to the app or your business. Ecomitize has years of experience helping businesses develop, launch, and sustain their online investments using the best website and app designs to meet your goals and objectives.

Marketing Strategies

This includes shipping and deliveries, promoting your business online, and creating online content to help you rank highly in search engines.

Shipping and deliveries: wine bottles are fragile and easily broken without the right package or shipping partners.

Choose a shipping vendor that is clear on your terms and can meet the delivery times expected by your customers.

Additionally, be clear about your shipping limits to avoid disappointing the customers.

Promoting your online wine business—whether through strategic marketing tactics, educational content for your customers, or social media platforms—

Regardless of the marketing strategy of choice, it is best to get a professional digital marketing company to handle it or link you up with the right partners.


The steps listed above should get your online wine business started successfully. And if you had answers, we hope the article answered them.

However, like any other online business, starting a wine business online requires research, cross-checking the facts, finances, time, questions, patience, and professional help.

Let us remind you that you cannot do it alone. Success is best achieved in a team.

Additionally, you need to know about the latest happenings in the wine industry, the regulations, shipping guidelines, new wines, customer pallets, and opportunities available.

At Ecomitize, we are a leading web development company, taking businesses from obscurity into visibility. Our professional team will effortlessly turn your wine business ideas into a successful reality using the appropriate tools and techniques for your business model.

Our consulting team will draft a business plan, research the market, and get a website and sales strategy ready in a short period.

Do you need help growing a wine business online? Check out Ecomitize now.

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