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Posted On May 21, 2021 by bubyr
Email Marketing

 Shopify – is the best e-commerce store of the 21st century and the most used selling platform. Whether you are new to Shopify or not, growing your business is a strategy that must be employed to succeed.

Shopify offers its users access to tools and software to enable them to succeed. In the digital space, there is more than a beautiful storefront. Having a marketing strategy will ensure you are making returns on your investment.

If you are looking to sell and convert customers to your store, you might want to go the email marketing way. Email marketing has evolved over the years but choosing the right one can be like walking on a landmine.

While countless companies offer incredible features, they are not all the same. So the question is what is the best email app for Shopify? We have compiled top email marketing for Shopify, but before we delve into it, a bit of 101 is in order.

What is email marketing?

Since the first email was sent in 1978, email has remained a communication channel for businesses looking to interact with customers digitally.

Email marketing, whether you like the idea or not, must be a primary pillar in your marketing strategy. After all, if you have a Shopify store, then you must include Shopify email marketing as one of the tools to succeed.

So if email marketing is so successful, what are the statistics?

80% of business experts agree that email marketing is the best customer retention method

80% of Americans check their email once a day

Email marketing convert customers 40% better than Facebook and Twitter

Email marketing causes 85% lead generation, 84% sales, 78% lead nurturing, and 74% retention

Email marketing boosts up to 4200% ROI for every dollar spent

So what is email marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy used to deliver marketing content to new and existing customers. The aim is to entice, convert, and retain regular customers and convince new ones, turning them into loyal supporters.

This commercial messaging channel allows you to send emails to people who have signed up for your products or services. Email marketing is used to keep customers in the know, inform them about a new product or promotion, build your brand and community and access a targeted audience.

Does your shopify store need email marketing?

Yes, email marketing still works. The mojo is strong and online stores need to employ it today.


You need an email list for email marketing to be effective. A list!

Yes, what is an email list? And how do you go about it?

Okay, because email marketing is a communicating avenue between two people, you need the other person’s contact- email, in this case, to enable you to send messages.

If you are thinking you cannot or the process is too tedious and confusing, know this. Email marketing strategy accounts for 23% of sales online, and sending a personalized message to a customer can trigger a purchase.

Still doubtful… Do not worry.

Building your list

An email list is significant in email marketing. You must have contact to send messages to those who are interested in the products or service you are offering.

Ultimately, the right people should make up your email marketing list. So the question now is – how to get people on the list?

There are several ways e-commerce business like Shopify builds their email list. If your store is just starting out, attaching a CTA for customers to fill before proceeding to the next stage on your page is a great start. This CTA can be a pop-up or action, as mentioned above.

Secondly, use freebies, promotions, discounts, or coupons to attract customers. Everyone loves something free, so it is an effortless way to collect customers’ emails while giving something in return.

If your Shopify store offers something unique, as existing and potential customers to sign up and get verified before moving forward. This is a great way to generate leads, convert and retain without being overly persuasive.

If your Shopify store is attached to a blog or other websites of yours, link customers to that and ask for details. The details will enable them to be the first to get any new information, a simple gesture many customers appreciate.

Running Ads

Shopify has countless tools and resources designed to promote, sell or generate leads. While this seems like a challenge, it can help you build your email list.

Shopify has streamlined the ad running process, and now creating campaigns are straightforward and captivating. These ads will be up and running in minutes, and the Shopify help desk will assist you with images, titles, and more to make your store stand out.

These are simple ways to get people to your email marketing list.

Now that you have your email list to a considerable size, you are not done yet. For email marketing to be effective whether, on Shopify or any other e-commerce platform, you must segment your email list.

What is email segmentation?

Look at it this way; you have finally gathered all the customers needed to boost the objective of your store. You have to remember that not everybody is the same. Some are previous loyal customers, others are new subscribers, male, female, or those that want to know what you are doing. Email segmentation allows you to group the people in your email list that you can send email marketing messages tailored made for them. When a message speaks directly at you, there is a higher probability of a conversion.

Sounds right, doesn’t it!

Recent data released by Mailchimp shows that segmented email campaigns get 14.3% more opens and almost 65% more clicks than non-segmented emails. So if you do not want your email to end up in the trash, segment today.

Email segmentation is a process whereby the emails of subscribers are grouped into small sections based on set criteria to enhance relevance and conversion. Segmentation allows a marketer to identify and cater to the specific needs of each group based on unique interests instead of sending one mail to everyone on the list.

With that said, email segmentation is based on the following.


This is the easiest way to segment your email list. Information based on the customer’s age, location, gender, occupation, likes, and language can help a lot.

However, when seeking this information, be careful not to be pushy, as customers are skeptical about leaving their data online. You can tag some of them as optional or leave a CTA that triggers their good conscience.  Demographics are vital because a message that will invoke emotions in a 50 years old woman might not do anything to an 18-year-old. Furthermore, demographics ensure your email content is relevant and purposeful.

Email engagement rates

Based on how customers react to your email determines if you are doing it right. If they are opening the mail, you are getting there. If they react or carry out an action because of the email, it is another success. You want to keep customers engaged without spamming their inbox, and their engagement is fundamental.

So if subscriber always checks your email, they are interested, if another only opens when the title reads free or discount, you know what to send. If yet another like sales, you equally are aware of what is good. These are just three groups of potential customers to your business.

Behavior-specific segmentation

This is a deeper insight into how customers behave on your page. By determining how long they stay on your page, their activities, clicks, and actions, you can define the kind of mail that suits them. In fact, if well calculated, how many times they visit is also a criterion for choosing the right email.

Amount spent on your page

Okay, this sounds selfish, but it is marketing. The more a customer spends means they are willing to pull out all the stops for the best service or products. So when sending this segment of individuals emails, look at their past buying history to determine what suits them.

For example, if a customer goes for what is tagged as high-end on your store. It means they are willing to spend for the best. If they love buying affordable or sales items, emails that have to do with sales discounts or free will keep them coming back.

This is almost like the behavior-specific segment but based on money. Other methods of email segmentation are based on geographical location, subscriber-level (new or old), one-time buyer, frequent buyers, website activity, last purchase, and more.

To ensure your email list is updated and good-to-go, use Ecomitize to sync your email marketing strategy. With Ecomitize, you are sure your emails are not going to the spam or trash folder.

 Benefits of Email Marketing

It is cost-effective – unlike other marketing mediums, email marketing is affordable and consumes no space, no need for printing or paying huge advertising fees. You only require an internet system and a good play of words.

It is target-based – only those people that willing to subscribe to your marketing list get emails. So if you want people to engage more with your store and stay in touch, create interactive storefronts so that customers will engage better.

It is designed versatile – there is no one-size-fits-all in email marketing. You can draft your email using your desired font, color, graphics, images, and text. Whatever mechanism you want to use to drive your message home is allowed. However, remember that email marketing is selling your brand image to the world. So ensure you convey your message most appropriately without insults.

It is scalable – if one marketing tactic can be scaled up or down, it is email marketing. While you can decide to write 100 or more words, you can also choose to communicate in a few words and images.

It is easily customized – with email segmentation, you can send specific messages t customers based on their groups. So you are sure that they will only receive emails that interest them and will trigger an action.

Email is easily shared – like word-of-mouth; email marketing is a digital advert that shares the same similarity. When customers like the message, they are quick to forward it to potential clients who later become potential subscribers and loyal fans.

It’s a less intrusive way of converting and increasing sales – you know how telemarketing can be annoying, especially when a call comes through at the wrong time. However, with email marketing, it is hard to annoy clients as they click to open at their own accord. With the right email, you can convert, trigger a buy emotion and retain the customer.

Finally, it is real-time marketing – using features like Shopify automated emails, customers get to be a part of what is happening on your page at the right time.

Automated emails allow your loyal customers to get informed at the appropriate time.

Cons of email marketing

  • Like with every good thing, there is a flip side.
  • The likelihood of getting deleted or customers unsubscribing is high
  • Emails going to the spam folder or not delivering
  • Large emails that take long loading times
  • Email not accurately delivering the message

Despite the disadvantages, the pros of email marketing outweigh the cons. So what are you waiting for, start emailing?

 Now that you know about email marketing, what are the types available?

Types of email marketing

Customers are like guests, some are new, and you welcome them. So have stayed with you, you appreciate them. Some have announced your products, you thank them; some have forgotten, you remind them. Each one has a reason why an email is sent, and the email must specify why. We will touch on a few significant ones.

The Welcome Email

33% of subscribers that receive a welcome email engage better with the brand

76% of new subscribers expect to receive a welcome email

50% of welcome emails are opened, and a welcome email is 86% more effective than a newsletter.

Your welcome email should make an impression. So it should be simple, informative, and straightforward. Remember, you are introducing your brand to a stranger, and it must sell.  A well-thought-out welcome email can increase conversion and boost sales up to three times more. An example of a welcome email is:

Curated Emails

Okay, this is a little tricky, but with too much information circulating the internet space, customers are looking for truthful and fact-backed content. One way to do that is by sending curated emails to your customers. A curated email allows you to add authentic voices to your opinion and voice in a specific niche.

Curated emails work for everything. You just have to know what to curate and run with it.

The Referral email

This is a great way to engage with your clients. It also allows you to appeal to your customer’s good side to push your brand forward. We live in a world of referrals, and for a marketer, it is the best choice of getting new leads. Most potential clients are triggered to visit or purchase via a referral. The referral can also appear in a welcome email or a thank you email, as the case may be.

The Abandoned Cart Email

Sometimes even fun activities like shopping get boring. 69% of e-commerce visitors abandon their carts, with over 60% citing shipping cost as the reason. The abandoned cart email is a gentle reminder that you left something valuable behind. As simple as this marketing strategy is, it actually works.

The Survey Email

If you notice customers visiting your Shopify store but not buying anything, maybe you do not have what they want. The survey marketing tactics allow you to ask your subscribers to take a simple survey of what they would like to see in your store.

This way, you are creating a platform to interact, engage and ultimately convert and retain customers. Customers love it when their voice is heard, and this is a great way to start.

The Thank You Email

A simple thank you is all a customer needs to remain with you. Unfortunately, we never say enough of these words. A thank you email is appreciating and acknowledging your customers, and it is a way of saying we are in business because of you.

A thank you email is applicable at every stage, from signing up, performing an action, and purchasing the products.

Now that we have understood what email marketing is, email marketing types, importance, benefits and cons, and email list, guess you think that’s all.

We hope you have a Shopify store running already or planning to open one. Now you need to choose the best Shopify email marketing app to help you succeed.

Choosing the right email marketing for Shopify allows you to send personalized messages to your customers about your brand, store, or product.

Top Email Marketing For Shopify


Klaviyo believes in smart marketing, and it is one of the most popular email marketing apps for many e-commerce platforms, including Shopify. It has countless powerful features that enable customers to get ahead of their marketing needs. Overall, Klaviyo is the best email marketing app for Shopify, and it is free to install.


  • Powerful integrations allow you to run amazing marketing campaigns that drive sales and increase ROI with e-commerce platforms or social media channels.
  • Swift segmentation makes it easy to find and group customers based on set criteria, including order size, the amount spent, location, and browsing behavior.
  • Excellent analysis report helps you get ahead and focus on improving your store. It will provide information based on actual sales rather than impressions or clicks.
  • Send Shopify automated emails with Klaviyo – this allows you to send personalized emails at the right time for effective marketing returns.

Pricing: send up to 500 emails to 250 email contact

You get free for the first 250 contacts but pay $20 monthly from the 251 person

Overall, email marketing Shopify does not get any better with Klaviyo. It is great for merchants and store owners, especially those looking to showcase their brand to the public. This email marketing was designed with e-commerce in mind and work exceptionally well with Shopify.

Omnisend Email Marketing For Shopify

Ecommerce Email Marketing and SMS Platform | Omnisend

With a 4.7 star rating, Omnisend is a Shopify email marketing app that allows you to sell more with emails and SMS but encourages email automation.

For merchants and vendors on the Shopify e-commerce platform, Omnisend is the best email marketing app for Shopify with full Shopify integration, workflow, and pre-build automation-ready at a click. You do not need any coding knowledge or computer language.


  • Shopify automated email allows you to drive sales and grow your business on autopilot using SMS and email to cajole and convert customers easily.
  • Create & send beautifully engaging emails within minutes
  • A robust segmentation feature allows you to target and personalize emails to customers
  • Increase your email list using incredible features like pop-ups, signup boxes, landing pages, and wheel of fortune
  • Will provide 24/7 support for users
  • Allows for seamless integration with other platforms like, Privy, and Recharge

The Pricing plan – Omnisend is free to install an email marketing app for Shopify and offers a 14-day trial period. It allows you to send 15,000 emails monthly and 2,000 emails daily.

If you decide to opt for the paid subscription, you can choose from three plans:

The standard is 16$ per month, 5000 email contacts, and 60,000 emails monthly.

The Pro plan goes for 199$ for unlimited email and 9,000 email contacts.

The Enterprise plan has a flat rate of $2,000 monthly with unlimited emails and subscribers.

Remember, prices can change as the contact list increases for the standard and pro plan.


If you are a beginner at Shopify and want a marketing tool that will enable you to convert first-time customers, grow your email list and drive sales, this Shopify email marketing service is all you need.

Specifically designed for Shopify, Privy seamless integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus allows you to create and send all without code or computer language know-how.


  • Privy is known for its great signups, pop-ups, banners, and flyouts that allow you to capture more emails and SMS to grow your email list.
  • Has a professional and easy-to-use Shopify automated emails enabling beginners to cover the basics without stress?
  • Choose from already design templates that are easily customized to boost customer conversion.
  • Allows you to automated your emails to reduce abandoned cart, purchase follow up, win-back customers and newsletters to increase conversion

Want to know more about Privy features, click here.

Pricing plan: Privy offers a 15 days free trial for businesses.

The starter plan is the email and conversion plan that allows you to send emails to 250 contacts at $15 per month. This starter plan includes

Unlimited emails send & pop-ups and flyouts to grow your emails

Automated customers win back and cart abandonment email

Newsletter and one-off email

The Privy SMS plan allows you to send text messages to 100 contacts for $10 per month. This plan includes:

Automated after signup text message and cart abandonment texts

Cart and coupon integration on Shopify

Send 600 texts monthly

Privy is an exception Shopify email marketing app designed for beginners and very functional in growing your email list, business, and converting customers.


If you are looking for an email marketing app that allows you to focus on your Shopify store and manage your emails within Shopify, then this is the app for you.

Seguno is the only email marketing solution built just for Shopify merchants and store owners. You do not have to divide your attention between your store and email marketing service anymore. Everything is done within Shopify.

With Seguno, Shopify store owners can create, manage and track their email marketing campaigns without leaving the platform. Additionally, users can also utilize Shopify resources with Seguno to create a better email list, connect with their customer and makes sales.


  • Provides seamless integration with Shopify dashboard, allowing you to manage all your resources and saving time in one place
  • Run your email marketing service from the Shopify shop admin or via Shopify mobile effortlessly
  • Enjoy automated emails, including thank you emails, new subscribers, discount reminders, and welcome emails.
  • Professional target segments allow you to send emails to specific groups
  • Combine with Shopify marketing reports and get real-time revenue reports and automation details

Pricing plans are available with the Seguno email marketing app for Shopify.

  • The 0 – 250 subscribers plan is free and comes with unlimited sending. It also offers excellent email & chat support to users.
  • The 250 -1000 subscribers plan is $10 per month with a 10 day trial period before payment.
  • For merchants with subscribers over 1000, payment is 20$ per month with a 10 day trial period.

All payments are made via the Shopify platform.

Overall, Seguno is a new email marketing app and the best email marketing app for Shopify. It has a 4.8-star rating and a simple way to drive sales, save time and stay ahead of the competition.

Drip Email marketing for Shopify

If you ever worry about the technicalities of email marketing and just want to follow your passion and sell good products to a customer, then Drip is for you. Additionally, it is a powerful Shopify automated email service that allows you to create personalized emails and SMS to drive sales, convert customers and increase revenue.


  • Design and create beautiful signup forms that will make your audience want to be part of business
  • Automation Emails and SMSs that drive revenue and convert customers with emails sent at the right time.
  • Easy to use and build emails with the drip workflow
  • Personalize and create accurate messages and emails to the right audience using the segmentation tool
  • Get real-time marketing reports on how your e-commerce is doing
  • Integration with countless e-commerce stores, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and many more

The pricing plan on Drip email marketing for Shopify has the following.

The email plan for $19 monthly includes a 14-day free trial too. You can send unlimited emails to 1500 contacts, enjoy full email support, and gain access to the integration library.

To send SMS cost 0.15$ per message

To send MMS costs 0.3$ for each message

Overall, Drip email marketing for Shopify has all the features you need to succeed online. It allows you to build and grow your store and increase revenue without losing time.

Activate Campaign Automated email marketing for Shopify

Email marketing is more than sending emails to targeted customers showcasing your brand, products, and services. With Active Campaign, merchants and e-commerce store owners can access the best CRM tool to make customer experience the best ever.


  • With Active Campaign, Shopify store owners can easily build better customer relationships that translate into conversion and ultimately sales.
  • They have access to the Shopify data enabling them to send personalized email campaigns and go live in minutes.
  • Avoid repeating tasks and campaigns.
  • Access to over 500 pre-built automation services to carry out actions like abandoned carts or build a custom landing page in minutes
  • Integrate with your Shopify store and enjoy a library of pre-built integrations
  • A powerful and easy-to-use segmentation tool
  • Allows for seamless connection with social media platforms to drive sales and boost revenue

The pricing plan has a 14 days trial period and consists of four choices, including:

  • AC Lite starts at 9$ monthly
  • AC Plus starts at $49 monthly
  • AC Professional cost $129 per month
  • AC Enterprise starts at $229 monthly

All fees are paid annually, and it does not charge setup fees. For more on the features contained in each plan, check them out here.

Overall, Activate Campaign is the number Shopify automated email marketing app on the marketing for any e-commerce store owner.

Do you need help choosing the best email marketing for Shopify? Well, we have given you a head start. However, if you need support or are confused, contact the team at Ecomitize. The following are all you need to know about the best email marketing for Shopify.

Do you think we missed something, please let us know in the comment box.

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