New Helix Features: Walmart and Gift Cards Integrations

Posted On June 27, 2022 by bubyr
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If you have been waiting for a great eCommerce integration tool, wait no more. It is here, with new amazing features. The Helix integration solution software creates incredible customization for your eCommerce inventory,  making your store easier to manage with a centralized inventory. For more information, contact the web development team at Ecomitize. 

What is the Helix?

The eCommerce industry and its players know the impact of integration in simplifying the plethora of tedious processes on various platforms. While some are efficient and help merchants with their inventories, others need constant upgrades and scaling to remain efficient as the business grows.

Hello, Helix! Your one-stop integration solution software that employs the same structural framework of your company’s DNA to keep all ends connected and in sync with one another. From POS to inventory and linking with other eCommerce platforms, Helix allows you to stay connected to all from a single dashboard.

New Helix Features – Walmart and Gift Cards Integrations

Walmart Integration

From a single store in Arkansas to over 10, 500 stores and clubs in 24 countries and 2.3 million associates, Walmart has established itself as a formidable force in the eCommerce industry. While it connects people to quality and affordable stuff anytime and anywhere, its gift cards ranked as the 3rd most popular in the world in 2021.

Selling on Walmart marketplace

If you’ve finally got that business idea together and need a marketplace to help you grow it, the Walmart marketplace is just right. Before you think of applying or drafting a storefront design, there are a few things we should iron out first. Since 2009, Walmart’s marketplace has grown with upgrades, innovation, features, tools, and resources to ensure sellers succeed and make a profit while at it.

As of 2021, Walmart is a retail giant in the eCommerce world, with over 130,000 sellers. Its rapid growth rate is promising and perfect for startups and online businesses looking to expand their reach. Ranking just behind eCommerce monster Amazon, the online platform offers merchants and sellers unique benefits that can be the best experience when you start selling on it.

How much does it cost to sell in the marketplace?

The cost is almost free – we say almost free because there is a commission charge based on certain items or categories in the marketplace. Despite the commission that ranges from 6% to 15%, setting up your store is free. 

No monthly charges, hidden fees, or unnecessary deductions, except minor fees from each sale. It is so small, you won’t even notice it.

Applying to sell at Walmart

If you have 15 minutes to spare, you can visit Walmart’s marketplace application page and fill in the necessary information required.

Some fundamental data needed for US residents are:

  • Business tax ID
  • A valid and active business address
  • Your W8 or W9 with an EIN verifying your address or business premise.
  • Planned integration method for your product marketplace (you can opt for the Ecomitize Helix at this stage to help you connect as you build your storefront).
  • Product information (SKU, category, used, refurbished, or new)

Submit the form and wait until it is approved. You will wait a while, but once approved, it is time to sell.

Oh, wait, you need a well-designed website, a professional eCommerce business team, and support systems to ensure you do not miss anything. Call Ecomitize now!

Benefits of selling on Walmart marketplace

Every business wants to sell more, reach more people, and grow. Rather than working your way from the bottom, starting at Walmart gives you 100% leverage to establish a globally trusted brand. As a dominating leader in the brick-and-mortar market sector, Walmart has an impressive resume, and getting access to a broad customer base is one of them.

Once approved to sell on this platform, you automatically inherit their online exposure, successes, and customer base to establish yours.

Authority and Reliability

Authority and reliability are two factors every online store must cultivate when building a brand and it takes years. However, when you stand on the shoulders of a giant like 

Walmart, it is taken care of. 

Walmart has built a reputation for itself, and its customers trust them and anyone associated with the name. When you sell on their marketplace, customers perceive you as Walmart and trust you because you must have passed all the requirements to gain a spot on their platform.

Additionally, if you have a brick-and-mortar store, Walmart just rebranded it with their persona, earning you more customers, sales, and revenue, which is perfect.

Less Competition

Even with over 130,000 sellers and more than 2.3 million visitors on the site, Walmart has designed a system that allows every seller to enjoy unlimited resources and exposure without choking another.

Gift Cards & Counterpoint Integration

Retailers are always looking for a simple way to integrate their in-store gift cards with their online store. Not only will this boost their online sales, but it enables them to offer more opportunities to their customers.

Consider this: a gift card informs a customer of a new product, promotion, or discount offered by a store; selling them online generates additional revenue and ensures a growing customer base. Luckily, these processes are easily handled with counterpoint integration.

The benefits of selling gift cards

Gain customer loyalty

It is difficult to please customers with so many digital offers flying over the internet. However, with a gift card, you earn customer loyalty and trust when you can satisfy their needs. Additionally, gift cards also improve customer retention.

They attract new customers to your store

Customers love gift cards for a reason, and selling them on your site attracts more customers, increases brand awareness and opens communication routes with them. A gift card introduces a new product or service offered by your brand, and what better way to do that than with one?

They increase revenue

Remember, gift cards are products, and a survey showed that customers tend to spend more than the amount on their gift card. While selling gift cards can be done all year round, businesses generate more revenue during the holidays and among last-minute shoppers.

The Helix Gift Cards solution works with Counterpoint and major eCommerce platforms, including Magento and Shopify storefronts, and is sold both online and in-store.

Helix offers new and improved functionality for merchants and online store owners to manage all sectors of their online business effectively.

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