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Design plays a massive role in every eCommerce website, no matter the platform. By implementing BigCommerce design, our goal is to make your website visually appealing enough to attract the right level of attention and then turn these potential customers into buyers.

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    This can only be possible when your BigCommerce design is handled by a company like Ecomitize with a team of BigCommerce experts. BigCommerce stands out from other eCommerce platforms due to its dedication to maximizing conversions and attention to detail. You know you have implemented the perfect BigCommerce design when your customers can easily view important information, find and add items easily to cart, and easily navigate the website.

    Ecomitize is all about implementing the best BigCommerce design to give you a better chance of conversions. This is why our developer team pays attention to all the principles governing a great BigCommerce design. We organize your products into the right categories rather than random arrangements. Generally, your website is easier to navigate without excess links. This is all thanks to the foundation laid by one of the best eCommerce platforms in existence.


    How to design the homepage of BigCommerce?

    Design the home page on BigCommerce has two effects – increases the value and reputation of your brand and draws customers into your business. A beautifully designed homepage enhances the customer's shopping experience and keeps them engaged. The Bigcommerce platform has been so kind as to provide countless templates and themes to help merchants choose which is suitable for their store. Well, if you are new to BigCommerce and are looking to make an impression with your homepage, work with Ecomitize website developers today.

    What do I need to know to design a BigCommerce store?

    Whether BigCommerce or not, every merchant should know that certain factors play a crucial role in the success of an online store. So some tips are design, color, theme, message, text, usability, and ease of use with others. When these are in place, your store will attract, convert, sells, and have loyalist. However, one factor trumps this all, the right team to make it happen. So if you are ready, use Ecomitize to get started for success.

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