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A significant challenge that most online businesses face in today's eCommerce marketplace is connecting with customers through their websites enough to hold their attention for more than a few seconds. With each passing day, people's attention span becomes shorter, and it takes less than a minute to make an excellent first impression. This is why businesses should utilize the best tools to stay ahead, and this is where BigCommerce theme development comes in.

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    BigCommerce is no small name in the eCommerce world as it has an average uptime of almost a hundred percent, stability, and other impressive adaptability attributes. This is highly customizable with its extensive code libraries and easy layouts for creating attractive storefronts.

    Ecomitize handles BigCommerce theme development featuring a dedicated team of coders who will put in their high-level expertise into creating responsive themes for your website. This will definitely enhance conversions and get your visitors hooked to your website from the first click. We believe in tailoring every project to fit your unique needs, and the result is feature-rich and agile BigCommerce storefronts for you.


    How to increase BigCommerce theme loading speed?

    To drive online traffic and increase website ranking, you need speed. In today's online world, slow loading stores are soon abandoned. So many factors affect the loading speed of your website, including image size, wrong image file name, and device compatibility. Is slow speed affecting your online store? Ecomitize can help. Our BigCommerce development service includes building a customized themed solution to increase loading speed and boost online sales and visibility.

    How to modify mobile theme on BigCommerce?

    Modifying your mobile theme on BigCommerce allows you to customize, change, and create themes that suit your store’s purpose. It also gives you the SEO functionality and ranking on the search engines. As exciting as this process is, modifying your mobile theme is not the easiest task to handle head-on. However, with Ecomitize, you should have a mobile-friendly site up and running in no time. Our experts will find, add, apply, and save the theme to your storefront. So sit back and let the experts deliver an mobile-friendly theme for you.

    How to build a custom BigCommerce theme?

    Building a custom theme on BigCommerce triggers your understanding of using the Blueprint or Stencil option to create themes that work for you. The first impression is crucial for customer retention. A frontpage design must be appealing and correlate with the message or purpose of the site. Allow Ecomitize to customize your BigCommerce theme for your website. We have the experience and expertise to give you a beautiful and modern website .

    How to edit theme in BigCommerce?

    Editing your current BigCommerce theme allows you to create elements that suit your business and the message you are sending. Luckily, BigCommerce provides an extensive collection of themes you can use. However, creating or editing a theme to produce a stunning storefront is not easy. With Ecomitize, editing or customizing your theme is effortlessly done to give your website a great look and functionality. If you want to succeed online, let Ecomitize add color and spark to your eCommerce site today.

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