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We are third-party Shopify developers who specialize in creating several integrations, including themes and apps, in supporting businesses worldwide.

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    The foundation is already set with Shopify, a feature-rich and robust eCommerce platform that is perfect for most businesses. However, when you need that unique touch, our Ecomitize team is there to handle your Shopify app development. Of course, you could opt for one of the thousands of downloadable apps on the Shopify app store. However, not all of these can include the custom functionality you need to make your app work according to your vision. This is where Ecomitize can help you.

    We are at the forefront of Shopify app development with our ability to implement anything you want, even outside the confines of your Shopify platform. Do you have any idea at all about your new app? Our developers are ready to build it to perfection. Every app we build will contain your specifications while being integrated into your merchant stores seamlessly. Our target is high conversions and a better user experience.


    How to build Shopify app?

    The Shopify platform is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to make money and the app is no different. There are two ways to build a Shopify app, namely, create a custom app or a public app that will be sold on the store. Either way, both methods are meant to add value and functionality to the client’s store. Regardless of the method you choose or want, Ecomitize will help you to achieve amazing possibilities using the app interface on your store.

    How to create private app in Shopify?

    Do you know that over 80 percent of store owners on Shopify use apps on their eCommerce store? A private app for Shopify allows a developer to add features that make your website appealing and work smoothly for all users. To create a private app, start from your Shopify admin, choose private apps, and follow the instructions on the page. If you need a private Shopify app to improve your eCommerce store, contact Ecomitize to get started.

    What languages are Shopify apps written in?

    The Shopify API uses an HTTP-based system enabling you to write and translate its software in many languages. However, since 2006, the liquid is the official template language used to create the framework and structure of the Shopify system. This language makes Shopify apps to be dynamic, swift, and cannot be compromised. If you find this a little complicated, then Ecomitize is the best team to help you write the appropriate apps for Shopify.

    How to add apps to Shopify?

    When you start using Shopify, you will understand how fun and diverse the platform is. Adding an app to our eCommerce store is as simple as logging into the admin, choosing the theme or feature you want to add, and authorizing it. The process is easy, but not everyone has the time to do this. If you need professional help, Ecomitize website development service offers incredible support to all those looking to add or install apps or features on their store.

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