Website Search Solutions

Product search is vital to eCommerce stores. Users leave websites if they can't find what they are looking for. Our website search solution lets you take control of your online shop's search results.

    Ecomitize Website Search Solutions

    Our website search solution is highly advanced and accurate, allowing you to control the prioritization of products shown in the search results. You can decide which products are shown, their exact location and you can set the importance of product attributes.

    The website search solution works in perfect sync with the merchandising strategy, and this increases the conversion rates.

    Other features of website search solutions are:

    • Merchandising via Product search to streamline result according to inserted keywords
    • Search auto-complete feature finishes up words or phrases to quicken your search and boost customer online experience
    • Take control of search results as you get better insight into the behavioral patterns of your customer via their merchandise searches.
    • Search intent – allow customers to find what they are looking for by narrowing down search options.
    • Dynamic spelling correction improves the quality of the search and reduces the zero results shown on a search results page.

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