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Ecomitize Updates New Jersey Based Appliance Online Store in WooCommerce

Online Appliance Retailer Comes To Ecommerce Web Designers and Developers for an upgraded site in WooCommerce

When it comes to functionality, when you have an online store you can’t go wrong with WooCommerce. The eCommerce designers and developers at Ecomitize are seasoned experts at building a functional and beautiful WooCommerce website. When appliance retailer Appliance Parts America came to Ecomitize with the need for a functional online store to sell their products and be integrated with NCR CounterPoint, the expert designers and developers knew WooCommerce would be the best fit. 

The project began with an initial transfer of 10 pages from the old appliance parts site to the brand new WooCommerce redesign. Once the design had been finalized, the eCommerce developers got to work on implementing a number of new plugins and integrations to make sure the site flowed seamlessly. These included an integration with NCR Counterpoint for credit card processing and to ensure inventory stayed up to date between the online and brick and mortar stores, Google Analytics tracking, gift wrapping, cross-selling to recommend similar products and desktop notifications for the client to ensure they didn’t miss a sale. 

All of this culminated in a functional WooCommerce redesign to ensure the client sells at their best. Do you have a WooCommerce store that could use a refresh or needs integrations to make your life easier? The eCommerce experts at Ecomitize have the experience and skills to make sure your online store runs smoother than a recently repaired washing machine. 

Keep spinning!