eCommerce experts at Ecomitize build a beautiful online store for New York based children and adult retailer

Online Retailer for Kids and Adults alike opts for Magento 2 Site

There are many reasons why Ecomitize’s clients ask for a Magento 2 ecommerce website. From the functionality, to the ease of use, Magento 2 is one of the best platforms for any online store. When Boytique, a New York based retailer, reached out to Ecomitize for a brand new site to sell their men’s and boy’s garments and suits, they specifically requested a Magento 2 site because it would be easy for them to upgrade. 

The eCommerce designers and developers accepted the challenge presented by Boytique to easily update their site and sell their multitude of products. They began by installing the Magento 2 Weltpixel theme and building out the initial site structure for the client. After this had been completed, the client was able to customize the theme in Magento 2 to fit their specific needs and wants around their business. 

After the client had completed their customization of the platform, Ecomitize stepped back into the project and installed multiple Magento 2 plugins to begin building the site functionality. They began by integrating their Magento 2 site with NCR Counterpoint to ensure their stock stays up to date for in-store and online customers. They continued with various other plugins for Magento 2, which included a Mailchimp integration for email campaigns, related products to suggest products for customers shopping online, TaxJar to ensure taxes are calculated correctly, and store pickup so that customers can pick up their items in store. This culminated in a fantastic eCommerce site for this online retailer that optimizes conversions and sales.

Do you have a Magento 1 site that needs upgrading? Look no further than the eCommerce experts at Ecomitize to build you a beautiful website that will take your brand and your sales to the next level. Magento 2 is a great platform for eCommerce sites for children’s stores, and Ecomitize has the best designers and developers to build it. 

Happy shopping!