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Sunset Corners

Food & Beverage Distributor Comes To Ecomitize For WooCommerce Site

The eCommerce experts are at it again building a beautiful WooCommerce online store for Florida-based Sunset Corners

When food and beverage distributor Sunset Corners came to the eCommerce experts at Ecomtitize, they were in search of an online store that could perform a multitude of functions for their business and customers alike. First off, they were in need of a site that was easy to keep updated with new products and features. This led the ecommerce team at Ecomitize to start building a beautiful site in WooCommerce for food and beverage eCommerce sites. This allowed Sunset Corners to be able to grow their online presence and also run a functional website. 

The food and beverage online store required some other functionalities that the eCommerce experts were able to tackle head on. Included in the project was a custom design package, which gave Sunset Corners a cohesive brand image across their website to entice potential customers and to convey a level of professionalism. Sunset Corners offers bottle engraving for their customers, with an expertly installed WooCommerce plugin, Ecomitize was able to add a checkout and product add-on to make this a reality within the WooCommerce platform. The eCommerce experts also used their expertise in WooCommerce to install an email marketing plugin, social media logins, and added an integration with NCR CounterPoint POS system to ensure online and in-store inventory would stay up to date. All of these items culminate in a beautiful website that includes functionalities that aren’t native to WooCommerce. 

Are you a food and beverage provider or distributor in need of an ecommerce site? Reach out to the experts at Ecomitize to help you create an online storefront that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also converts for you.