The Whitney Museum Shop 5

The Whitney Museum Shop

Museum Store Comes to the eCommerce Experts for Beautiful New Online Store

American Art Museum in New York gets a brand new website from Ecomitize to support the artist community and American art

The Whitney Museum of art came to the eCommerce experts at Ecomitize with a unique challenge. The American Art Museum needed a new online store that was optimized for their customer base while also featuring special pricing for members, a one-step checkout process, and an integration with their NCR Counterpoint point of sale system. Even with all these challenges, the eCommerce design and development team at Ecomitize tackled this project head on. Let’s see how they did it. 

The eCommerce expert designers and developers first tackled the challenge of optimizing the brand new site for the museum’s target market, which included art lovers and those who visit the museum and decide to support it by purchasing from the gift shop. From this research, they decided a highly customizable website build on the Magento 2 platform would be best to fit all of the museum’s needs. The team built the website around the main product categories in the gift shop, and then added spaces on the homepage to feature new projects and collaborations. 

After perfecting the design, the team then expertly installed multiple Magento 2 plugins to tackle the functionality needs of the new website. This included a members-only area for special pricing and discounts, a live chat, a one-click checkout process and a shipping integration with ShipWorks. The team also used their proven NCR Counterpoint integration with Magneto 2 for the ability to process credit card payments and to keep track of inventory from the physical gift shop at the museum. 

Based on the research, the team created a beautiful and functional ecommerce website for this museum gift shop that is not only full of wonderful art, but also full of optimizations so it can perform to the best of its ability. After all, why would you want to spend time on your website when you can spend time appreciating the finer things in life. 

Are you a museum gift shop or store looking for a brand new eCommerce website to sell with? Get in touch with the ecommerce experts at Ecomitize to see how we can build a beautiful store for you. 

Keep supporting artists!