How To Create Landing Pages That Convert

Landing pages are highly efficient marketing channels for any business and also a great way to educate your customers about your products and drive conversions. When creating landing pages for your website, you need to consider the design, the focus of the page and the target audience – these are key elements that help conversion.

If you want to build your customers’ loyalty and increase profits for a specific period, consider working on a few effective landing pages where you can inform your audience about your campaigns, events and promotions. The goal behind these pages is to provide people with a clear and direct call to action to get them where you want in order to achieve your marketing goals.

Benefits of landing pages:

⦿ They facilitate the subscribing or buying process
⦿ They are great to use for promoting a sale or a new product
⦿ They improve the SEO ranking
⦿ They increase the conversion rate

What do you need to consider when creating landing pages?

  1. Targeted audience – the message your are trying to persuade your customers with has to be specific and unique to the targeted group of individuals. Work on separate landing pages to target specific portions of your audience.

  2. Killer headline – use it to grab the attention of your visitors. The headline should be short (preferred limit of 10 words), simple and effective.

  3. Persuasive subheads – placed right under the headline, the subheads should follow the path of persuasiveness and can speak into more details about the headline of the page. Subheads explain, show benefits and encourage action.

  4. Images – visual content is essential to landing pages simply because the brain processes images much faster than text. Using good quality and suggestive images will immediately draw the visitor’s attention. Use big images to display your product or its relevance to the visitor.

  5. Add coupon codes or discounts – great way to increase conversion!

  6. Focus – use clear explanations about your products or services. Even better, focus on their benefits and appeal to your visitors’ emotions. Emotions always sell. Displaying reviews is a great idea, as they usually have the same impact as a personal recommendation.

  7. Powerful call to action – make it big and visible. Use exciting and persuasive words for it. Use contrasting colors to make it stand out more.

  8. Methods of contact – make sure your contact details are available just in case your visitors have questions or simply want to contact you to find out more about your promotions, offers or new products.

Use your creativity to build effective landing pages and draw more visitors to your website. Start in a small way and grow from there. See what’s catchy for your audience and stick to whatever works to get better conversion rates. The main goal is to keep your visitors engaged and convert them into customers.