Tips on How to Present Your Products on Your Website

Posted On December 18, 2018 by Anca Iusan

Presenting Your Products on Your Website

The way you present your products on your web store is crucial to your success. The first impression shoppers have can be the difference between adding a product to the cart and abandoning the website.

Your products have to raise interest, curiosity and also offer sufficient information so that the customers know what they could benefit from when purchasing them.

Here is a list of tips and tricks to use when presenting your products online:

  • Draw the user’s attention

    – use a unique design, promotions, and surprising elements to catch the shopper’s interest – don’t be afraid to use humor as well!


  • Introduce your product with style

    – use high-quality images on the product page and include essential elements such as price, variants, description; make sure you invest in original product photos, these are really important for the visitors

product page

  • Explain how the product works

    – use videos, describe it the best you can and talk about compatibility with other products if needed

  • Emphasize on the products key advantages and benefits

  • List the features of the product

    so you attract targeted customer groups – look for ways to do it differently than your competitors

Tips on How to Present Your Products on Your Website 1

  • Focus on creating original and meaningful messages

    for your visitors – create original banners that draw attention and stand out from the regular banners people find on websites

ecommerce product description

  • Create positive emotions

    by focusing on how the product makes the customer feel – sell emotions, not objects


  • Work on your targeted groups – create different banners, messages, promotions, and landing pages to speak directly to those customers

Tips on How to Present Your Products on Your Website 2

  • The detailed information section should be optional

    – provide information, but not too much. Give the visitors the chance to find out more if they want to, but don’t flood them with too many details

  • Add facts and customer testimonials

    to prove the quality of your product

  • Use product images that have a context too

  • Have a zoom feature

    for a more detailed view of the product

  • Add product variations images

  • Display the price clearly – use big fonts, contrasting color and place it in a very visible place – next to the title or just below it
  • Show customer reviews and ratings

Add product sliders – use Featured Products, You Might Also Like sections

Tips on How to Present Your Products on Your Website 3

If you’re not sure how to proceed in improving your website, leave it up to the experts!
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