Essential Elements for Your eCommerce Store

Posted On March 26, 2019 by Anca Iusan

Whether you are new to eCommerce or already an experienced online merchant, you can probably still use some guidance to improve the customer experience and generate more sales. You’ve come to the right place. There are a few essential elements for your eCommerce store to uptick the quality of the UX and eventually turn your visitors into customers. The smallest details can make a huge difference for the users. The more you invest in your website, the more chances you have to expand your client base.

We’ve put together a checklist of features you should consider having on your online store if you think you can do better with your eCommerce shop.

Here are 10 ultra-practical ways to improve your online store and
boost your sales

  1. Focus on user-friendly design

    The design on your website should be clean and appealing. The navigation should be as simple as possible and your pages should present the information in a simple but effective way. Make sure your visitors know what your store is about and guide them easily and fast towards your products.

  2. Address pain points

    People buy something they need or something that would solve a problem for them. You need to focus on the pain points of your audience and offer them solutions. Your products or services should make your customers happier, so work on the idea of fulfillment and well-being of your clients. Make it easier for them to see how their lives can improve.

  3. Use testimonials and reviews

    Testimonials and reviews have a great impact on your visitors, the level of trust increases when they read someone else’s experience with the product. Generally speaking, people get interested in things that others like or use, so when your products have a positive testimonial or review, this will attract more customers.

  4. Get Social

    Social media is highly popular these days and is considered a very efficient tool to reach new customers. Create business profiles on social media channels and promote your products. Don’t forget to include these buttons in a visible place on your website. Use social media to gather information about your audience, promote your campaigns and simply make your brand more visible. There’s always the opportunity to work with an influencer who can attract more customers.

  5. Include videos

    Videos respond to a lot of your visitors’ questions or concerns, it gives them the chance to see the product in action or its results directly. You can put together tutorials on how to use the products or any kind of video that might give the customers a better insight into your products.

  6. Offer free shipping

    Free things are always a positive thing for any shopper. It also offers merchants a competitive edge and wins customers over.

  7. Retarget your audience

    According to statistics, roughly 70% of people who leave your website without making a purchase are likely to become customers if they are retargeted. Attract your potential buyers through Facebook ads and email campaigns. There are many other methods to implement retargeting campaigns, let us tell you more!

  8. Use urgency

    Another productive way to persuade your visitors to buy your products is using urgency – limited time offers, limited stock for popular products, special offers and so on – whatever works best for your business.

  9. Display prices and discounts clearly

    Your product pages should include clear details about the pricing structure and shipping & return policies. Any special offers should be visible and clear as well.

  10. Perform an SEO audit

    SEO is vital to any online business. It’s pretty simple – the more visible you are to search engines, the more you have to gain from it. Even if your website is well-optimized for Google and other engines, it never hurts to perform an audit and see where you can improve your website.

    If you need guidance and have a team of experts work for you to improve your website, we’ll be glad to help you get there!

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