About CSV Import

CSV refers to Comma Separated Values files which allow data to be saved in table format. CSV files can be used with spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Spreadsheets and are extremely useful in importing and exporting high volumes of data such as inventory data.

Ecomitize created the Magento CSV Import Tool which uses CSV files to manage your data within Magento. The Import Tool enables you to automatically import and update data into Magento with either a .csv or .txt file. You can import data via on-demand manual upload or request FTP download capability.

This module is a great way for your drop ship or inventory vendors to keep your inventory updated and for your organization to update or add new data without waiting for a nightly synchronization.

CSV Import Characteristics

  • Two ways to upload a file – On demand or FTP.
  • CHECK MARK indicates mapping was successful
  • Easy-to-view File Log