Hy-Test Safety Shoe Service 2

Hy-Test Safety Shoe Service

Safety Shoes & Apparel Merchant Looking to Build a New eCommerce Website

Hy-Test Safety Shoe Service is an important name in the safety shoe industry, providing high quality occupational footwear since 1986 in the Midwest. With five showrooms located in five states, Hy-Test Safety Shoe Service reached out to Ecomitize to create an eCommerce shop and expand their sales to the online environment. The goal was to provide their customers an easy way to shop from the comfort of their home or work place.

The project started in 2018 and it included the following requirements:

As part of the Custom Graphic Design package, our project managers and the design team worked with the client to create the look and feel of the website, creating all the necessary mockups for the website.

To make the website original for the industry and give it a modern, clean look, we used a diamond plate background for some of the sections such as the header, the footer, and the testimonials from the homepage. To help with the usability and create an easy navigation for the users, we included a brands section on the homepage that displays the manufacturers’ logos and which are linked to the category pages.

A special service provided by Hy-Test Safety Shoe Service is the SHOEMOBILE®, the “store on wheels” with designated drivers experienced in measuring and fitting safety shoes that go directly to the work site to offer employees new shoes or boots. For this particular service, Ecomitize created a custom form on the website for customers to be able to apply for the Shoemobile service.

The Magento – CounterPoint integration ensured the sync between the CounterPoint inventory system and the Magento website, bringing all the product data, inventory data, customers, invoices, order history on the new website.

The eCommerce Management team helped the client set up their transactional emails, marketing campaign, banners, usability audit and product data.

Once the store was properly set up and had a modern & fresh design, Ecomitize launched the website and continued to help the Hy-Test Safety Shoe Service team to grow sales and get more revenue by using the PPC Management team.