How to Design Your eCommerce for More Traffic & Sales: UX & CRO Strategies to Use in 2018

How satisfied are you with your eCommerce sales performanceIf you’re on the hunt for new ways to generate more traffic & sales, then it all start with improving your website’s user-experience.

Shoppers’ interaction with a website is the key to building a successful eCommerce business management strategy, and a secure and user-friendly online shop can easily harvest visitors’ trust and satisfaction. The fundamental principle that governs brick-and-mortar shops is also valid for online retailing: a happy customer is a loyal customer, and therefore a UX-focused approach is definitely rewarding for your business with more sales.

However, being UX focused doesn’t mean ignoring your revenue growth, and concentrating on the latter doesn’t mean compromising the first. By combining the two you’ll manage to keep your visitors engaged and entice them to convert!

In this guide, we’ll reveal the best UX and CRO practices that bring more sales for any ecommerce , so you can implement them & make your website more appealing and increase your sales performance

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A Strategy to Take Your Luxury eCommerce Store’s Revenue to the Next level in 2018

Curious what is the fastest growing sector in eCommerce in the past few years? Interested in the newest trends of launching an eCommerce on luxury goods? Stay with us! In this blog post, we’re tackling the subtleties that shape up the luxury eCommerce success in the digital era!

Find out what’s different in doing eCommerce for luxury goods, how the consumer market behavior changes vs traditional retail and what are the most effective strategies you can use to attract new customers and maximize your sales.

Luxury eCommerce calls for a different approach, one that takes into consideration the disparity between luxury and conventional mass-retailing strategies in the eCommerce market, their target audience and consumer behavior, and the technical solutions that are fully equipped for launching a luxury eCommerce.

Here are the main issues we’re going to address in this blog post:

  • The challenges luxury eCommerce websites face in online retailing
  • The latest eCommerce trends for luxury brands
  • eCommerce strategies that are suitable for selling luxury products online
  • The best-performing eCommerce platform for luxury brands

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Manufacturing & Distribution in 2018: What are the Best eCommerce Solutions

In the past years, digitization changed the nature of retail businesses for good and there’s no way back: soon enough eCommerce will fully dominate the market. Nowadays, tech-savvy online buyers know how to search online for all the services and goods they need in order to find the best offer.

According to this scenario, manufacturers and distributors need to revise their traditional strategies and adopt more flexible and robust solutions to meet the online customer’s specific demands. Fortunately, these challenges come with a series of benefits, assuming you know how to make the best decisions for your business.

Here are the most fundamental concerns that we’ll be sorting out in this article to find the optimum eCommerce solutions for manufacturers and distributors, and help you shape your success in the digital era:

  • Forecasting the future trends in manufacturing and distribution industries
  • What opportunities the eCommerce landscape presents to vendors and suppliers
  • What are the best strategies you can use to accommodate your business to the evolving digital consumer market requirements
  • What software solutions and eCommerce platforms are best for manufacturers and distributors to launch their business online and start making profit

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Which eCommerce Platform is the Best for Small Retailers – A Guide for Startups

Not so long ago, creating an online shop entailed investing a substantial budget and having comprehensive tech knowledge and development skills. Now, companies of all sizes have unprecedented opportunities to sell online, and it is easier and cheaper than ever before to attract more customers and expand your audience worldwide.

However, there are numerous eCommerce platforms for small businesses to choose from, each with its own set of features, so how can you know which is the right one for you? In this guide, we address the issues that challenge the success of every small business right from the start!

Here are the main topics we discuss to help you make the right pick and create the best store for your business:

  • The basic know-hows & know-whats of the eCommerce industry for fresh merchants
  • Tips for small business owners on how to choose the right eCommerce software  
  • Top 3 best eCommerce platforms for startups
  • Software comparisons between the most popular eCommerce solutions

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The Ultimate Handbook on Magento Pricing in 2018

Curious about Magento pricing? In this article we approach one of the most frequently asked questions merchants address at the beginning of their online business or later on when migration from other platforms to Magento is needed: how much will it cost you to develop a Magento website? What is the price for Magento EE and CE store development?

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Magento vs Competitors: Which is The Best Platform for Your eCommerce Website

Need guidance in deciding what the best option for your storefront from the most popular eCommerce software available on the market? Then stick with us to get acquainted with the fundamentals of eCommerce solutions!

In a previous post, we’ve addressed the issue of finding the best way to migrate your store from other eCommerce platforms to Magento. Now, we’re gonna answer the questions merchants are facing when they’re launching their business online, or when they need to change the eCommerce software they are currently using.

Here’s what we examine in this article:

  • What are the basic requirements an eCommerce platform should meet to help merchants sell their goods or services in the online market
  • What are the 14 most popular eCommerce software at the moment
  • What are the benefits of choosing Magento development over other platforms

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eCommerce Management Guide: Learn How to Better Handle Your Magento Store

How do you handle your Magento store? If you’re curious to discover the expert’s opinion on how to improve your workflow, then stick with us! In this handbook, you’ll find the guidance you need to develop a profitable Magento store management workflow.

Whether you’re new to the platform or overwhelmed by the challenges Magento store management raises, here’s what you’ll master in this guide:

  • What managing a Magento website really means
  • How you can manage your store on your own
  • What benefits you have for hiring a Magento website management consulting agency
  • What are the best Magento store management practices and software solutions

Become more productive by learning about the techniques Magento experts use in managing an online store and learn what tools and services can make things easier for you. Make your workflow run smooth and increase your sales by adopting the most profitable management methods you have available with Magento!

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Workflow Management Guide: How to Manage Your eCommerce Store

Wondering how you can better organize your orders and set up the most productive workflow for your online business? Wanna discover new strategies to expand your eCommerce website and increase your sales? This handbook has the answers you are looking for, whether you have just opened up an online shop or you prepare to promote your products in the marketplace!

Learn how to better manage your store to increase your sales, centralize your orders across marketplace channels, improve your delivery performance, adopt new pricing strategies & other eCommerce management processes that usually take a lot of time and effort.

In this post you’ll find out:

  • What eCommerce and marketplace management presupposes
  • What are the best practices for setting up an efficient workflow
  • What eCommerce solutions, tools, and services can help simplify your management processes and maximize your profit

Learn what are the easiest ways to manage your eCommerce store, to increase your sales and offer your clients the best user experience in the online market!

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What are the Best Performing eCommerce Solutions for Big Companies

Overwhelmed by all the eCommerce options available in the marketplace? No wonder you’re puzzled when comparing one eCommerce software to another! This is a difficult and technical task, and even the experts’ opinions differ on these matters. So, which eCommerce solution should you select for your enterprise?

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Migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2: A Guide on How to Proceed with the Inevitable Upgrade

Wondering what are the benefits of upgrading and when’s the best time to do it? In this handbook, we’ll uncover the advantages you have if you choose to migrate your store to Magento 2, to put an end to the controversies that overshadowed any reason to do so since November 2015 when Magento 2 was released.

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