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Posted On June 21, 2022 by Anca Iusan
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To remain relevant and competitive in a tight market, companies must grow to become stronger and more efficient. Like many other online platforms that have acquired others, Magento and Adobe are no different. While this might seem like a beautiful business deal, what does it mean for the eCommerce industry? Furthermore, how does this affect the millions of users that rely on Magento to connect the world to their products and services?

The Adobe Magento Acquisition

Adobe is a multinational giant software company linked with stunning creativity. It acquired Magento for $1.68 billion in 2018. Because of its incredible infrastructure and support, Magento is open-source, a full-fledged eCommerce platform transformed to where brands could build a name for themselves.

Today, it has become an innovative name merged into one platform to provide businesses with a business/e-commerce platform offering exceptional digital experiences for merchants and customers. So if you love the creativity of Adobe and the eCommerce finesse of Magento, you are in for a joyful ride with the ADOBE COMMERCE.

If you are still confused, let Ecomitize help you understand the new marketplace, its benefits, and what you can gain from it?

What is the Adobe Commerce?

Adobe Commerce, formerly Magento Commerce, is a leading eCommerce platform with the tools, support, and technological flexibility. 

When combined with Adobe’s integration capabilities, it forms a powerful marketplace that allows users to scale, create, build, manage, customize, and optimize their brands from a single interface.

This acquisition lets the e-commerce platform users rely on the superior functionality and efficiency of the cloud among other amazing features. 

Aside from a cloud system that allows you to stay connected from anywhere in the world, it offers some innovative features to help businesses create flexible and scalable systems that put them ahead of the competition.

But that is not all.

Adobe Commerce allows full delivery of end-to-end omnichannel experiences that create a robust performance to sell anywhere while delivering a truly unified e-commerce experience on all fronts.

Why the need for the Adobe Cloud?

The digital sphere is a cut-throat one, and only platforms that can provide customers with a variety of online options survive. One quality feature that has distinguished Adobe Commerce is the Adobe Cloud. Additionally, its new dashboard features and integration with Amazon is a winner in any e-commerce book.

The cloud interface means users can effectively manage their storefronts from within the cloud without the need to step out. This creates a digital experience for the customer and positions Adobe as a forerunner in the e-commerce world.

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Do you want to migrate to the Adobe Commerce Cloud?

Are you on a different eCommerce platform and want to migrate to the Adobe Commerce Cloud? Ecomitize offers a seamless migration service and support system that allows you to move all your data and marketing information from your current e-commerce store to Adobe Commerce effortlessly. Our process is 100% secure too.

Other features that come with Adobe Commerce are:

Commerce Knowledge

With the Adobe Commerce platform came new features and experiences designed to allow the customer to expand their capabilities across different points. For example, users would see a fully-functional dashboard with analytical features, easy data integration, and reports.

 However, these features would seem challenging for some users, so Adobe has a learning platform to enable users to get the best.

Artificial Intelligence

To give customers the best experience possible, you must understand their needs, wants, and demands and how to make their experience in your storefront unforgettable. 

Now, Adobe Commerce has taken this process a step further by using AI to create smarter interactions, thereby understanding your customers better. Hence, you can gain better data or metrics into what your customers are doing on your page, thereby creating a more personalized experience whenever they visit your store.

Updated innovations

Your eCommerce technology should allow you to scale and be flexible. However, the Magento commerce edition although good still relied on the old techniques of downloading and then personalizing your store to suit your goals and customer.  Users also worry about a newer version and constant updates or compatibility issues.

This process was tedious and time-consuming but the Adobe commerce transformed this into easy to use innovative way with consistent updates to keep you running seamlessly.

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Why eCommerce businesses should choose the Adobe Commerce platform?

In the digital sphere, experience is everything and people are bored with the regular. Additionally, the attention span reduces daily and while eCommerce platforms try to create a unique user experience for every guest, it can only last that long.

So what makes Adobe Commerce so different from the multitude?

For starters, they are creating a customer experience, not just in a buying and selling circumference, but investing into the minds and hearts of the B2B market to help businesses create revenue and drive sales.

Now, that is more like it but there is much more.

Live Search Capabilities

Aside from the poorly designed website, sticky navigation process, and cumbersome search features, customers are at the mercy of whatever brands throw at them. Adobe Commerce has brought AI into e-commerce, making it effortless for customers to navigate hundreds of options without getting irritated.

Additionally, this feature also increases the brand’s capabilities. They now understand their customers and can create better experiences on their sites. Worth mentioning is the powerful software Adobe Sensei, which allows store owners to customize search experiences and product recommendations for their customers. This increases conversion, retention, and sales.

B2B functionality

The B2C is more than just alphanumeric combos; it is significant in building and sustaining any e-commerce store. 

The B2B market is worth over 7.9 trillion USD with a projected CAGR of 18.3% by 2028. As fundamental as the B2B market is to the e-commerce industry, it is hard to please this customer group without a unique feature that gives them partial control of every situation they find themselves in. 

Adobe Commerce is targeted at customer satisfaction and creating such experiences on its platform. Self-service tools, multi-channel selling, personalized cart system, price list, catalogs, cross-sell and upsell with robust integration capabilities.

With these features, businesses provide a more efficient and seamless experience for all B2B buyers in any region, but it also allows you to focus on building your store and growing your business instead of pursuing buyers for your business.

First Class Personalization

Today, customers are better educated when making purchasing decisions, so it is not unusual to see customers troop to an online store that offers them a personalized experience.

Having a first-class personalized experience is also crucial when attracting potential buyers to your store. Imagine this scenario; consumers would rather buy from a small local store than a fancy mall.

You might guess the reason, but we will tell you. The storekeeper knows his regular customers and what they want and has created a unique system to ensure they can access it without difficulty. 

Adobe Commerce has taken this strategy and digitalized it, giving the customer a unique and personal shipping experience while also helping the merchants.

What kind of unique personalization can you do on the Adobe Commerce platform?

Merchants or store owners can create a personalized structure based on gender, order history, location, wish list, and content display.

Exceptional support functionalities

What is a platform with the best customer experience without a support system that can help you in times of need? Poor customer support leaves 27% of American frustrated with online services.

Although Magento had no speed or support issues, Adobe Commerce has updated that backend to help businesses and customers get the help they need faster and better in a matter of time. 

The system is built on the existing Magento platform, which means integration, website building, and customizations to ensure success with your online store.


Built on the Magento infrastructure, Adobe Commerce allows for major integrations, and the integration with Amazon is particularly welcome by merchants and online businesses worldwide. 

Its Amazon sales channel is a free cloud add-on and allows e-merchants to sell and distribute their goods and services on Amazon’s broad marketplace.

The integration is so easy that users can install it DIY to improve customer experience, sales, and revenue.

Build eCommerce content easily

Now you can create customized pages for your business without any coding knowledge to boost marketing campaigns and sales. Adobe Commerce’s robust and easy-to-use page builder tool allows you to build each page independent of the other using drag and drop features. 

This system allows everyone to work without hinging on one another while leveraging the tools and resources on the platform.

Magento Commerce has limitations, but Adobe Commerce has eliminated them and changed the face of eCommerce.


If you are looking to build an e-commerce solution targeted at customer satisfaction through customized experiences, a stellar support system, and incredible resources for the future, Adobe Commerce is it.

However, if all this acquisition news and the benefits are confusing, we will help you make sense of it.

Ecomitize will ensure you get the best, whether you are a startup or an existing e-commerce store looking to migrate. We have a team that understands both sides of the fence – Magento and Adobe and will tackle all limitations you might encounter.

Contact Ecomitize today!

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