Improve Your eCommerce Conversion

Posted On December 10, 2018 by Anca Iusan

The world of eCommerce is extremely competitive and tough. Attracting new clients is a thorough and complex process that involves many aspects that need to be addressed by the seller. You have the design, responsiveness, general usability and functionality to think about, just to name a few of the most important ones. However, there are so many other elements you should put on your checklist to make sure your users have a nice experience. An easy and pleasant browsing experience turns your visitors into your customers. This is the goal. Conversion, conversion, conversion. Let’s discuss more the dos and don’ts when it comes to eCommerce conversion.

Shoppers are easily influenced by little things on your website, which could be a dealmaker or a deal-breaker. Attention to detail is crucial.

Review your website and make sure you are in the safe zone. Use the list below for finding glitches and things you could improve.

What kills conversion

  • Typos and bad grammar

Users don’t forget or forgive this easily. It denotes a lack of attention in presenting your company, so their guess could be that you would treat them the same way. A big no-no. Check all the pages on your site and fix whatever needs fixing.

  • Long and redundant content

Use simple sentences, keep it short and simple. Your descriptions, policies and other text on your site should be easy to read and simple to understand.

  • Bad color combination

A good design means a good color scheme which is appealing to customers. Preferred colors are blue, green, black, red, purple, pink. Avoid dull colors such as brown, don’t use aggressive ones like orange or yellow.

  • Bad product descriptions

Never use product descriptions as you get them from the manufacturer. Always check them, correct them, embellish them by adding sentences regarding their usability, features, compatible products, warranty and other things you might consider useful.

  • Low-quality photos

A major issue, these low-quality photos. They are not convincing to the customer, it shows a lack of interest from your side and it just makes everything on the site look less professional. Invest in hi-rez quality photos, especially banners and product images.

  • Non-responsive website

Mobile shoppers will criticize you if your website is not responsive and they will turn away for sure. You need to provide a website that works on all devices and on all browsers. You don’t want your users to miss a chance to shop, do you?

Improve Your eCommerce Conversion 1

  • Decrease the load time – nobody will stick around if your website takes too long to load; track your speed and work on your hosting solutions to make sure you have a fast website
  • Simplify the navigation – users don’t want to spend a lot of time to find what they need; create a simple and clear navigation on your website, facilitating the shopper’s experience
  • Use targeted content – know your customers and speak their language; adjust your design and your text to address your targeted clients
  • Use clear call-to-action buttons – guide your customers to get them where you want
  • Be responsive – don’t take longer than the maximum 24 hours to answer to your clients
  • Simplify your checkout process – clients get bored of filling in forms and input fields; keep your checkout as simple as possible, with less work for the shopper
  • Use trust-building elements – use security badges, awards, testimonials, reviews
  • Use Q&A sections – having answers to their potential questions can help people decide whether they want to buy your product; create a list of common questions you’ve been asked by your customers and help others decide faster
  • Use more payment methods – adapt to your customers and don’t make it hard for them on the final step of the sale; provide as many payment methods as possible to target more type of clients
  • Use flexible return policies – the more flexible you are with the returns, the more clients are willing to try your products

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